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Region 4 Air Quality Modeling Contacts

Scott Davis , Second Line Supervisor (404) 562-9127
Curt Fehn, First Line Supervisor (404) 562-9335
Rick Gillam (404) 562-9049
Brenda Johnson (404) 562-9037
Stan Krivo (404) 562-9123
Richard Monteith (404) 562-8949
Michele Notarianni (404) 562-9031

Program Areas

Contact Area Contact Name(s)
Air Quality Modeling Rick Gillam
Brenda Johnson
Stan Krivo
Richard Monteith
Air Quality Impacts Analysis of NEPA Projects Rick Gillam (Power Plants)
Brenda Johnson (Airports)
Stan Krivo
Air Quality Impacts Analysis for Permits Stan Krivo
Richard Monteith
Atmospheric Deposition Modeling (Mercury, Total Maximum Daily Loads) Rick Gillam
Attainment/Nonattainment Demonstration Modeling Brenda Johnson
Rick Gillam
Blue Sky/ RAINS- Smoke Modeling Rick Gillam
Dispersion Modeling - Air Permits Stan Krivo
Richard Monteith
Dispersion Modeling - Risk Assessment Rick Gillam
Dispersion Modeling - Air Deposition and CBEP (Community Based Environmental Protection) Rick Gillam
Dispersion Modeling - State Implementation Plans/Attainment Brenda Johnson
Rick Gillam
Georgaphical Information Systems (GIS) Rick Gillam
Meteorology Stan Krivo
Brenda Johnson
Rick Gillam
Richard Monteith
MOBILE Modeling Dale Aspy, (404) 562-9041
Amanetta Somerville, (404) 562-9025
Ozone Modeling Brenda Johnson
PM2.5 (Fine Particulate) Modeling Brenda Johnson
Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD)/New Source Review (NSR) Air Permit Modeling Stan Krivo
Rick Gillam
Richard Monteith
Regional Haze Michele Notarianni
Regional Planning Organizations (RPOs) Michele Notarianni
Stack Heights Brenda Johnson
TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load) Analyses with Atmospheric Deposition Rick Gillam
John Ackermann (support), (404) 562-9063
Urban Heat Island Brenda Johnson
Visibility Protection in Class I Areas Michele Notarianni
VISTAS (Visibility Improvement State and Tribal Association of the Southeast) Michele Notarianni
Brenda Johnson
Darren Palmer (Data Monitoring), (404) 562-9042



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