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Florida Proposed Title V Permits

The following permits have been submitted to EPA Region 4 as Proposed Title V permits. While EPA has the right to a 45-day review period for all Proposed Title V permits, EPA Region 4 targets only a subset of these permits for comprehensive review. To find out which permits have been targeted for EPA Region 4 review, please contact the Region 4 staff person(s) listed at the bottom of this page.

Title V Permits Undergoing Sequential Review*

State County Source Name
PA Permit Number
45-Day Review Ends (sequential)
Petition Deadline
FL Alachua Gainesville Renewable Energy Center (GREC), LLC. 0010131004AV 11/17/2014 1/16/2015
FL Miami-Dade Cemex Construction Materials Florida, LLC, Miami Cement Plant 0250014051AV 12/7/2014 2/5/2015
FL Santa Rosa Santa Rosa Co. Central LF 1130172007AV 12/25/2014 2/23/2015
FL Duval Owens-Corning Roofing and Asphalt, LLC 0310050022AV 1/23/2015 3/24/2015
FL Hillsborough TECO - Big Bend Station 0570039072AV 2/7/2015 4/8/2015

Title V Permits Undergoing Parallel Review**
State County Source Name
PA Permit Number
45-Day Review Ends (parallel)
Petition Deadline
FL Orange Orlando Utilities - Stanton Energy Center 0950137044AV 10/14/2014 1/13/2015
FL Hillsborough Kinder Morgan - Port Sutton
0570092021AV 10/19/2014 1/17/2015
FL Lee Waste Management Inc. of Florida - Gulf Coast 0710133016AV 10/20/2014 1/18/2015
FL Highlands E-Stone USA Corporation 0550049009AV 10/26/2014 1/24/2015
FL Palm Beach FP&L - RIVIERA POWER PLANT 0990042008AV 10/31/2014 2/1/2015
FL Liberty Rex Lumber 0770007019AV 11/8/2014 2/6/2015
FL Hardee Hardee Power Partners Limited - Hardee Power Station 0490015017AV 11/9/2014 2/7/2015
FL Gadsden BASF Corporation 0390005022AV 11/22/2014 2/20/2015
FL Hernando Florida Power Development LLC 0530380002AV 11/23/2014 2/21/2015
FL Sumter American Cement Co., Sumterville Plant 1190042010AV 12/1/2014 2/25/2015
FL Polk Gtech Printing Corporation 1050422003AV 11/23/2014 2/26/2015
FL Bradford Griffin Industries of Florida 0070004023AV 11/29/2014 2/28/2015
FL Pasco Pall Aeropower Corporation 1010335009AV 12/12/2014 3/6/2015
FL Volusia Florida Production Engineering, Inc. 1270102015AV 12/27/2014 3/27/2015
FL Broward SFWMD Pump Station S-8 and G-404 0110351005AV 1/15/2015 4/15/2015
FL Duval USMC Support Facility - Blount Island 0310099018AV 1/16/2015 4/16/2015
FL Duval Kraft Foods - Maxwell House Coffee 0310004027AV 1/17/2015 4/17/2015
FL Duval City of Gainesville Trail Ridge Municipal Solid Waste Landfill 0310358015AV 1/19/2015 4/19/2015
FL Duval Canam Steel Corporation - Jacksonville Plant 0310319016AV 1/23/2015 4/23/2015
FL Putnam Seminole Electric CO-OP 1070025023AV 2/1/2015 5/2/2015
FL Polk Mosaic Phosphates - New Wales (f/k/a IMC) 1050059092AV 2/1/2015 5/2/2015
FL Cirtus Citrus County Central Landfill 0170366005AV 2/2/2015 5/3/2015
FL Hillsborough New NGC, Inc. dba National Gypsum Company-Apollo Beach 0571242013AV 2/14/2015 5/16/2015

* Sequential Review means the EPA 45-day review period does not begin until the 30-day public comment period ends. The deadline for the public to petition EPA is 60 days after the EPA 45-day review period ends.

** Parallel Review means the EPA 45-day review period runs concurrently with the 30-day public comment period and ends no earlier than 15 days after the end of the public comment period. The deadline for the public to petition EPA is 60 days after the EPA 45-day review period ends, calculated as if the Title V permit was under sequential review (i.e., the petition deadline will be the same regardless of whether Parallel or Sequential Review is followed.)

For information about the contents of this page please contact Ana Oquendo-Vazquez.

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