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Florida Proposed Title V Permits

The following permits have been submitted to EPA Region 4 as Proposed Title V permits. While EPA has the right to a 45-day review period for all Proposed Title V permits, EPA Region 4 targets only a subset of these permits for comprehensive review. To find out which permits have been targeted for EPA Region 4 review, please contact the Region 4 staff person(s) listed at the bottom of this page.

Title V Permits Undergoing Sequential Review*

State County Source Name
PA Permit Number
45-Day Review Ends (sequential)
Petition Deadline
FL Miami-Dade Exteria Building Products, LLC 0250407014AV 4/19/2014 6/18/2014
FL Miami-Dade Medley Landfill & Recycling 0250615014AV 4/19/2014 6/18/2014
FL Highlands TEC - J. H. Phillips Station 0550018005AV 4/19/2014 6/18/2014
FL Miami-Dade Goodrich Corp. - Landing Systems Services 0250827012AV 5/30/2014 7/29/2014
FL Broward Marathon Petroleum Company - Spangler Terminal 0110048012AV 6/7/2014 8/6/2014
FL Polk C.D. MCINTOSH, JR. POWER PLANT 1050004036AV 6/14/2014 8/13/2014
FL Broward BP Products - Port Everglades Terminal 0110051019AV 6/19/2014 8/18/2014
FL Pinellas Bayboro Power Plant 1030013007AV 6/22/2014 8/21/2014
FL Martin Martin Co/Palm City II Sanitary Landfill 0850120006AV 7/3/2014 9/1/2014
FL Putnam Putnam County Central Landfill 1070049-001-AV 8/24/2014 10/23/2014
FL Jackson Springhill Regional Landfill 0630045008AV 9/27/2014 11/26/2014

Title V Permits Undergoing Parallel Review**
State County Source Name
PA Permit Number
45-Day Review Ends (parallel)
Petition Deadline
FL Volusia Tyco Healthcare Kendall D/B/A Covidien 1270094018AV 6/9/2014 9/4/2014
FL Hillsborough Mosaic Fertilizer - Riverview Facility 0570008079AV 6/8/2014 9/7/2014
FL Volusia FP&L - Sanford Power Plant 1270009024AV 6/17/2014 9/17/2014
FL Polk Industrial Plastic Systems, Inc. 1050292008AV 7/12/2014 10/10/2014
FL Palm Beach Sugar Cane Growers CO-OP 0990026024AV 7/13/2014 10/11/2014
FL Pinellas Catalina Yachts - Morgan Div. 1030223012AV 9/8/2014 12/8/2014
FL Gadsden BASF Corporation 0390005019AV 9/14/2014 12/13/2014
FL Taylor Chemring Ordnance, Inc. 1230047007AV 9/15/2014 12/14/2014
FL Polk Progress Energy - Tiger Bay Cogeneration Facility 1050223018AV 9/15/2014 12/14/2014
FL Brevard USAF - Patrick Air Force Base 0090021013AV 9/20/2014 12/19/2014
FL Brevard USAF - Cape Canaveral AF Station 0090005016AV 9/20/2014 12/19/2014
FL Alachua Progress Energy - Univ. of FL Cogen Plant 0010001016AV 9/20/2014 12/19/2014
FL Escambia Jupiter Composites, Inc. 0330291003AV 9/23/2014 12/22/2014
FL Polk Pepperidge Farm, Inc. 1050174012AV 9/23/2014 12/22/2014
FL Jackson Gulf Power - Scholz Electric Generating Plant 0630014013AV 9/25/2014 12/24/2014
FL Pasco Progress Energy - Anclote Power Plant 1010017015AV 9/29/2014 12/28/2014

* Sequential Review means the EPA 45-day review period does not begin until the 30-day public comment period ends. The deadline for the public to petition EPA is 60 days after the EPA 45-day review period ends.

** Parallel Review means the EPA 45-day review period runs concurrently with the 30-day public comment period and ends no earlier than 15 days after the end of the public comment period. The deadline for the public to petition EPA is 60 days after the EPA 45-day review period ends, calculated as if the Title V permit was under sequential review (i.e., the petition deadline will be the same regardless of whether Parallel or Sequential Review is followed.)

For information about the contents of this page please contact Ana Oquendo-Vazquez.

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