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Georgia Proposed Title V Permits

The following permits have been submitted to EPA Region 4 as Proposed Title V permits. While EPA has the right to a 45-day review period for all Proposed Title V permits, EPA Region 4 targets only a subset of these permits for comprehensive review. To find out which permits have been targeted for EPA Region 4 review, please contact the Region 4 staff person(s) listed at the bottom of this page.

Title V Permits Undergoing Sequential Review*

State County Source Name
PA Permit Number
45-Day Review Ends (sequential)
Petition Deadline

Title V Permits Undergoing Parallel Review**
State County Source Name
PA Permit Number
45-Day Review Ends (parallel)
Petition Deadline
GA Walton Doyle Generating Facility 4911-297-0041-V-03-0 5/1/2014 7/29/2014
GA Polk Oglethorpe Power Corporation - Sewell Creek Energy Facility 4911-233-0042-V-03-0 5/4/2014 8/1/2014
GA Gwinnett Quality Technology Services 7376-135-0235-V-06-0 5/4/2014 8/1/2014
GA Polk The HON Company 2522-233-0022-V-03-0 5/11/2014 8/8/2014
GA Haralson Plantation Pipe Line Company - Bremen Tank Farm 4613-143-0017-V-03-0 5/14/2014 8/11/2014
GA Macon Weyerhaeuser NR Company - Flint River Operation 2611-193-0013-V-03-0 5/18/2014 8/15/2014
GA Wilkinson Carbo Ceramics, Inc. - Toomsboro 3295-319-0029-V-03-0 5/21/2014 8/18/2014
GA Laurens SP Fiber Technologies Southeast, LLC 2621-175-0004-V-04-0 5/21/2014 8/18/2014
GA Coweta Bon L Manufacturing Company 3354-077-0010-V-03-0 5/21/2014 8/18/2014
GA Heard Hawk Road Energy Facility 4911-149-0005-V-07-0 5/25/2014 8/22/2014
GA Monroe Georgia Power Company - Plant Scherer 4911-207-0008-V-03-3 6/1/2014 8/29/2014
GA Wayne Rayonier Performance Fibers LLC 2631-305-0001-V-04-1 6/4/2014 9/1/2014
GA Bibb Graphic Packaging - Macon Mill 2631-021-0001-V-03-6 6/8/2014 9/5/2014
GA Henry Briggs & Stratton Power Products Group, LLC 3524-151-0021-V-05-0 6/11/2014 9/8/2014
GA Walton Walton County Power, LLC 4911-297-0042-V-03-0 6/15/2014 9/12/2014
GA Dougherty Southern Natural Gas Company, LLC 4922-095-0085-V-03-3 6/18/2014 9/15/2014
GA Carroll Printpack, Inc. 2759-045-0039-V-03-1 6/25/2014 9/22/2014
GA Barrow Johns Manville Corporation 3296-013-0005-V-03-0 6/29/2014 9/26/2014
GA Columbia GIW Industries, Inc. 3561-073-0004-V-03-0 6/29/2014 9/26/2014
GA Washigton KaMin 3295-303-0035-V-03-0 6/29/2014 9/26/2014
GA McDuffie Georgia - Pacific Panel Products, LLC 2493-189-0019-V-03-0 7/2/2014 9/29/2014
GA Glynn Pinova, Inc. 2861-127-0002-V-04-3 7/12/2014 10/9/2014
GA Fulton Owens Corning Insulating Systems, LLC 3296-121-0021-V-02-6 7/12/2014 10/9/2014
GA Mitchell Southwest Georgia Ethanol, LLC 2869-205-0047-V-03-2 7/13/2014 10/10/2014
GA Spaulding Exopack 2673-255-0047-V-04-0 7/16/2014 10/13/2014
GA Dougherty Marine Corps Logistics Base 9711-095-0023-V-03-1 7/16/2014 10/13/2014
GA Lowndes Robalo Boats, LLC 3732-185-0100-V-03-0 7/23/2014 10/20/2014
GA Washington AL Sandersville, LLC 4911-303-0040-V-06-0 7/23/2014 10/20/2014
GA Morgan Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC (Madison Plywood) 2436-211-0013-V-03-0 7/23/2014 10/20/2014
GA Lowndes Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath 3088-185-0104-V-02-0 7/30/2014 10/27/2014
GA Carroll Southwire Company - Carrollton 3357-045-0008-V-04-3 7/30/2014 10/27/2014
GA Richmond International Paper - Augusta Mill 2631-245-0006-V-02-0 8/3/2014 10/31/2014
GA Wayne Rayonier Performance Fibers LLC 2631-305-0001-V-04-2 8/13/2014 11/10/2014
GA Bibb Graphic Packaging - Macon Mill 2631-021-0001-V-04-0 8/16/2014 11/13/2014
GA Columbia QG Printing II Corp. 2754-073-0003-V-04-0 8/17/2014 11/14/2014
GA Liberty SNF Holding Company 2899-179-0011-V-02-C 8/24/2014 11/21/2014
GA Richmond Deans Bridge Road MSW Landfill 4953-245-0160-V-03-0 8/29/2014 11/26/2014
GA Chatham Georgia Power Company - Plant Boulevard 4911-051-0017-V-05-0 9/6/2014 12/4/2014
GA Monroe Georgia Power Company - Plant Scherer 4911-207-0008-V-03-4 9/7/2014 12/5/2014
GA Gwinnett AGCO, Inc. 3088-135-0239-V-03-0 9/14/2014 12/12/2014
GA Sumter C-E Minerals - Plant Nos. 1, 2, & 6 3255-261-0003-V-03-0 9/16/2014 12/14/2014
GA Ware L.F. Manufacturing, Inc. 3089-299-0050-V-03-0 9/24/2014 12/22/2014
GA Clarke CertainTeed Corporation 3296-059-0026-V-03-0 9/24/2014 12/22/2014
GA Peach Blue Bird Body Company 3713-225-0001-V-05-1 9/28/2014 12/26/2014
GA Wilkinson BASF Corporation - Gordon Plant 3295-319-0004-V-03-0 10/1/2014 12/29/2014
GA Effingham Georgia Power Company - McIntosh Combined Cycle Facility 4911-103-0014-V-05-0 10/11/2014 1/8/2015

* Sequential Review means the EPA 45-day review period does not begin until the 30-day public comment period ends. The deadline for the public to petition EPA is 60 days after the EPA 45-day review period ends.

** Parallel Review means the EPA 45-day review period runs concurrently with the 30-day public comment period and ends no earlier than 15 days after the end of the public comment period. The deadline for the public to petition EPA is 60 days after the EPA 45-day review period ends, calculated as if the Title V permit was under sequential review (i.e., the petition deadline will be the same regardless of whether Parallel or Sequential Review is followed.)


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