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Enforcement and Compliance Assurance

FY2007 Annual Results Topics

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EPA Region 4 enforcement and compliance assurance actions address critical environmental and public health issues, including air quality, water quality, and the clean-up of contamination in the eight states and six tribal nations of the Southeast. We offer assistance and incentives for complying with the law, monitoring compliance with the help of states and tribes and taking enforcement action when necessary. Enforcement and compliance actions are organized around environmental problems and broad patterns of non-compliance and focus on achieving cleaner air, purer water, better-protected land and waste management. We also partner with other federal and state agencies to help build enforcement and compliance capabilities in our region. The EPA Region 4 Criminal Investigation Division works with environmental crimes task forces and other partners to promote deterrence and help ensure compliance with environmental laws in order to protect human health and the environment.

Injunctive Relief and Supplemental Environmental Projects Assistance

Citizens of the Southeast will breathe healthier air, have cleaner water, and better protected land as a result of EPA Region 4's enforcement and compliance assurance efforts. I am proud of the work that EPA Region 4 personnel are doing in partnership with our states and tribal nations to ensure that compliance with our environmental laws is achieved.
-Jimmy Palmer, Regional Administrator

The estimated dollar value of corrective action or cleanup required by EPA Region 4 in FY 2007 will total more than $2 billion, the highest total ever achieved by the Region. A major portion of this work will include improvements in combined sewer overflows and sanitary sewer overflows in Louisville and Winchester, Kentucky and Charlotte, North Carolina, as well as clean up at Superfund Alternative Sites, including the Admiral Home Appliances site in Williston, South Carolina.

Pollution Reductions

Over 167 million pounds of pollution will be reduced, treated or eliminated as a result of agreements and concluded enforcement actions by EPA Region 4. As a part of EPA’s settlement with East Kentucky Power Cooperative, the utility will spend approximately $650 million on pollution controls that will reduce emissions of pollutants by 124,000,000 pounds. In support of EPA's Wet Weather National Enforcement Priority, EPA Region 4 issued 27 administrative actions against homebuilders in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Tennessee resulting in a reduction of 31.9 million pounds of pollution.


An important way to ensure compliance with environmental laws is through on-site inspections. In FY 2007, EPA Region 4 conducted over 2,500 inspections. The majority of these inspections were in support of EPA's National Enforcement Priorities and focussed on storm water, hazardous waste management and air pollution sources.

Compliance Assistance Activities

Over the past year, EPA Region 4 held 35 workshops and/or training sessions, and along with one-on-one assistance, we were able to reach more than 29,000 entities within the regulated community.

Superfund Enforcement

In FY 2007, EPA Region 4 successfully secured over $17.7 million from private companies and individuals for clean up activities at Superfund sites. The Region also recovered $26.3 million from private companies and individuals. These recovered funds include payment for cleanup work that EPA has already completed and estimated costs that EPA could incur for oversight of future cleanup activities.


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