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Air, Pesticides, and Toxics Legal Support

Region 4 Program Offices

Report environmental violations

The air, pesticides, and toxics practice group provides counseling and legal support to EPA staff on activities involving:

The responsibilities of attorneys in this group include work regarding administrative and judicial legal actions against alleged violators of the above laws and counseling to support EPA staff on permitting and other issues.


Clean Air, Hazardous Substance Release Notification, Pesticides & Toxics Issues

Suzanne Rubini  (rubini.suzanne@epa.gov)
Chief, Office of Air, Pesticides, and Toxics Legal Support
Office of Environmental Accountability
USEPA, Region 4
61 Forsyth Street, SW
Atlanta, GA 30303
Telephone:   (404) 562-9674
Fax Number: (404) 562-9486

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