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Commitment to Environmental Management Systems

Region 4 is committed to operating an effective Environmental Management System
(EMS) as part of an integrated framework for sustainable environmental stewardship. Our EMS
will comply with all applicable environmental and energy statutes, regulations, and executive
orders. The EMS is integrated with EPA's mission to protect human health and safeguard the
environment. This is accomplished through setting targets for environmental stewardship,
reducing or preventing pollution, preserving environmental resources and enforcing
environmental protection in conjunction with other governmental agencies.

The EMS establishes Region 4's commitment to continually improve our environmental
performance, and comply with Executive Order 13514, "Federal Leadership in Environmental,
Energy, and Economic Performance," and Executive Order 13423, "Strengthening Federal
Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management." Our commitment extends to
continual improvement, creating strategic objectives and targets, maximizing opportunities, and
measuring our environmental performance.

We are striving to become a leader in executing a model environmental EMS for EPA.
Region 4' s EMS is designed to meet the following goals:


EMS Policy Statement [PDF, 1pp., 457K] Get Adobe Acrobat Reader


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