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Bio-Lab Inc., Conyers, GA

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  1. CERCLA Emergency Response Action Report 8/4/04
  2. Pollution Report dated 8/2/04
  3. Pollution Report dated 6/28/04
  4. Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Form R Report June 2004
  5. Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Envirofacts Report June 2004
  6. Emergency Response Notification System Report (ERNS) 5/25/04
  7. Newspaper article entitled "Industrial Fire at Chemical Plant", 5/25/04
  8. ERNS 5/26/04
  9. Initial Pollution Report dated 5/25/04
  10. Letter from Jennifer Kaduck, GA DNR, to Jeffrey Pallas, EPA, re: Inspection Reports Bio-Lab, Plants 2 and 4, 9/24/1999
  11. Letter from Jeffrey Pallas, EPA to Rex Stutchman, Bio-Lab, re: Inspection report documenting the results of the July 21, 1999, inspection, 9/7/1999
  12. Generator Inspection Report Plant 2, 7/21/1999
  13. Generator Inspection Report Plant 4, 7/21/1999
  14. Consent Agreement and Final Order September 1989
  15. Consent Agreement and Consent Decree September 1998
  16. Letter from Jack Dempsey, GA DNR, to Kirk Mitchell, Bio-Lab, regarding: Notice of Violation, 3/20/1998
  17. Order EPCRA-IV-88-001. Granting an extension of time to answer the complaint filed by the complainant on December 16, 1988, 1/6/1989
  18. Newspaper article from the Atlanta Constitution entitled "EPA Fines Conyers Firm For Not Filing A Report", 12/20/1988,
  19. Civil Complaint and Notice of Opportunity for Hearing. Docket No. EPCRA-IV-88-001, 12/16/1988
  20. Letter from Richard Dubose, EPA, to Jimmy Kirkland, GA DNR, re: 313 Enforcement Actions, 12/2/1988
  21. Memo FROM/TO EPA re: Inspection of Bio-Lab Inc., in Conyers, GA, 11/29/1988
  22. Letter from William Donnelly, Biolab, to a distributor transmitting "handout and information summary of some of the more significant points and areas that affect you" 9/30/1988
  23. Monsanto Material Safety Data Sheet, Monsanto Product Name Phosphoric Acid, 10/1/1985
  24. Letter from Howard Barefoot, GA DNR, to Morty Eckles, Biolab, re: Inspection of Bio-Lab, Inc. Plant on 3/29/83
  25. Kocide Chemical Corp. Material Safety Data Sheet for Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate, 10/15/1982
  26. Distributor Hazard Communication Program Booklet, (undated)


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