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RCRA Community Engagement Initiative

Outreach Information for Tronox: Here are our RCRA Community Engagement Outreach Materials used at the Information Sessions on August 24 (individual one-on-one sessions with City, School Supt and individual residents to explain outside the fence-line sampling results). Our joint partners during the Information Sessions were the RCRA Community Engagement & Technical Team, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) and Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ). As of September 2010, the Tronox facility was deferred from the EPA RCRA program to the Superfund program, namely because of bankruptcy issues.

Outreach Information related to the Walter Coke, Inc., RCRA Corrective Action Facility, North Birmingham, AL: Here are EPA Community Engagement Outreach Materials, technical documents and other documents associated with community soil sampling conducted by Walter Coke, Inc. Walter Coke (formerly Sloss Industries) has been operating in this area since 1920, processing coal to produce coke for fuel use in blast furnaces and foundries in the steel industry. Sloss Industries (now Walter Coke) entered into a RCRA Section 3008(h) administrative order on consent with EPA in 1989 to assess potential contamination regulated by RCRA on and/or off-site from operation of the facility. Walter Coke is cooperating with EPA in the soil evaluation in the Fairmont, Collegeville, and Harriman Park communities.


Outreach Information related to the Cavenham Forest Industries, LLC, RCRA Corrective Action Facility, Turkey Creek, Gulfport, MS:  Here are EPA Community Engagement Outreach Materials, technical documents and other documents associated with the Cavenham Forest Industries (CFI) facility.  The CFI is a former wood treating plant that operated over 80 years, from 1906 to 1987.  This facility is cooperating with EPA in the corrective action process to protect human health and the environment in the Turkey Creek watershed, which is a high priority community investment area for EPA Region 4.


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