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RCRA Community Engagement Outreach related to Walter Coke, Inc. Facility


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  1. Walter Groundwater Interim Measures Work Plan at the Former Chemical Plant (FCP) (May 2012) Part 1 and Part 2: This is the Final Groundwater Interim Measures Work Plan for the Former Chemical Plant.  This document contains EPA approval of the Work Plan and the respective Addendum (see Item #32 below) as Appendix A, dated April 16, 2012.  The objective is to provide hydraulic containment and to reverse the migration of groundwater from the Former Chemical Plant beyond the property boundary.  Hydraulic containment is a means to isolate a contaminant plume from normal groundwater flow and requires above-ground treatment of extracted water (commonly known as pump-and-treat).
  2. Groundwater Interim Measures Work Plan Addendum for the Former Chemical Plant (February 11, 2011):  This Addendum presents minor modification to the well locations proposed in the original Interim Measures Work Plan and proposes performance monitoring.  This Addendum also addressed EPA’s comments.

  3. Final Groundwater Interim Measures Sampling and Analysis Plan (Revision 1.0; October 9, 2012): This document will serve as the quality assurance and quality control document for the groundwater sampling performed during the Interim Measure, both for the area of the Former Chemical Plant located on the site and for the off-site area east. 

  4. Final Vapor Intrusion Characterization Work Plan (Revision 1.0; November 2, 2012) Part 1 and Part 2: The work plan for the area east of the Former Chemical Plant is designed to evaluate the potential vapor intrusion pathway. Vapor intrusion is a process by which chemicals in soil or groundwater migrate to indoor air. Work activities will include the installation of vapor monitoring points, the collection of vapor samples, ambient air sampling and crawl space vapor sampling. Indoor air samples in homes may be collected if vapor samples collected in the residential home crawl space exceed the screening levels. Note that due to the fact that some homeowners that may need potential sampling in the future have not been notified yet by Walter Coke or EPA, two select pages are temporarily redacted.  If sampling at these properties is determined to be necessary, these households will be contacted and EPA will then post the un-redacted version.

  5. Final Site Wide Health and Safety Plan (Revision 1.0; dated November 9, 2012):  This document is a plan to ensure that all on-site work on the project is performed in accordance with approved safety and health provisions.

  6. EPA Approval of Groundwater Interim Measures Plans and Commencement of Work (December 4, 2012):  This EPA letter cites that the final reports (Interim Measures Groundwater Sampling and Analysis Plan, Vapor Intrusion Characterization Work Plan and Site-Specific Health and Safety Plan) are approved by EPA.

  7. Mineral Wool Piles – Sample Analysis Report (Revision 5), Sample Collection and Analysis at the Walter Coke Facility, Birmingham, Alabama (January 23, 2013):  An EPA contractor (Booz Allen Hamilton) was tasked to conduct a limited sampling event at the Walter Coke facility of materials within the Mineral Wool Piles (MWPs) at four locations, at two depths. The report shows that sample results were screened against several different U.S. EPA and Alabama Dept. of Environment Management screening levels. Included in the report are: a project description, sampling activities, summary of sample results, tables of results, figures showing the sampling locations, and many attachments such as logbooks. The sample collection activities were performed on May 17, 2012.

  8. Community Involvement:

    1. Final Community Involvement Plan (Revision 1.0; December 21, 2012): The CIP, which outlines community engagement activities by Walter Coke, is a requirement of the signed AOC in September of 2012.

    2. EPA Approval of Community Involvement Plan (January 25, 2013): This EPA letter cites the approval of the Walter Coke CIP.

  9.  Risk Assessment at SWMU Management Areas:

    1. Final Risk Assessment Work Plan (Revision 1.1; March 6, 2013): This document presents a summary of the approach and methodology proposed for the development of Baseline Human Health Risk Assessments and Ecological Risk Assessments for the Walter Coke Facility.   The objective of the risk assessments is to analyze the potential adverse effects on humans and the environment that may result, either now or in the future, from the presence of hazardous chemicals at the Site or released from the Site, in the absence of remediation.

    2. EPA Approval of Risk Assessment Work Plan (March 15, 2013): This EPA letter cites the approval of the Risk Assessment Work Plan. 
  10. Walter Coke Progress Reports for the AOC:

    1. Quarterly Progress Report #1 January 2013 (January 15, 2013): The first Progress Report covers the period from September 24, 2012 to December 31, 2012, and was prepared in accordance with paragraph 53 of the Order on Consent (dated September 24, 2012).

    2. Quarterly Progress Report #2 April 2013 (April 10, 2013): The Progress Report covers the period from January 1, 2013 to March 31, 2013, and was prepared in accordance with paragraph 53 of the Order on Consent (dated September 24, 2012). 

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