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Grants Contacts

How to contact the EPA Region 4 Grants Office:

Grants and Audit Management Section
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Atlanta Federal Center
61 Forsyth Street
Atlanta, GA 30303-8960

Phone: 404-562-8400    Fax: 404-562-8413

Section Chief Keva Lloyd Grants Management Officer 404-562-8420
Audit Liaison (OIG/GAO) Margaret Crowe Grants Specialist crowe.margaret@epa.gov 404-562-8687
Operations Team A
Team Leader Margaret Crowe (Acting)
Senior Grants Specialist crowe.margaret@epa.gov 404-562-8687

-Florida Grants (except Brownfield)
-Interagency Agreements

Sharonita Johnson Grants Specialist johnson.sharonita@epa.gov 404-562-8311
Tennessee Grants Marsha Humphries Grants Specialist humphries.marsha@epa.gov 404-562-9766

Georgia Grants - CEP

All other Georgia Grants

Connie Rutland

Bill Lundy

Grants Specialist rutland.connie@epa.gov




-South Carolina Grants
-Environmental Education Grants
-Integrated Grants Management System

Bill Lundy
Grants Specialist lundy.william@epa.gov 404-562-8417 
Grants Assistant (SEE) Vacant      
Operations Team B
Team Leader Seema Rao Senior Grants Specialist rao.seema@epa.gov 404-562-8429
Gulf of Mexico Program Grants Margaret Crowe Grants Specialist crowe.margaret@epa.gov  404-562-8687 
Kentucky Grants Kenny Richardson Grants Specialist richardson.kenny@epa.gov 404-562-9021

-Florida Brownfields Grants
-Superfund Technical Assistance Grants
-Solid Waste Management Grants
-Alabama Grants

Laura Fowler Grants Specialist fowler.laura@epa.gov 404-562-8427
North Carolina Grants Sherry Miles Grants Specialist miles.sherry@epa.gov 404-562-8396 

-ARRA/Construction Grants
-Tribal Grants (all programs & states)
-Mississippi Grants

Shevella Wilson Grants Specialist wilson.shevella@epa.gov 404-562-8414



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