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Dates and Locations

The public hearings will be held on the following dates and times:

Frankfort Convention Center

The Frankfort Convention Center exiting EPA is located in historic downtown Frankfort, Kentucky. Information on how to get to the Convention Center is available on their website.

Eastern Kentucky Expo Center

The Eastern Kentucky Expo Center exiting EPA is located in Pikeville, Kentucky. Information on how to get to the Expo Center is available on their website.

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Hearing Registration

While EPA welcomes all interested persons, capacity at the venues is limited. Pre-registering for the attendance at the hearings will allow EPA to improve meeting planning and maximize opportunities for interested parties to provide oral comments. On-site registration will begin one hour prior to the beginning of each hearing. Interested parties also can register for the hearings online exiting EPA or by calling 703-577-4953.

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There are four ways to comment on EPA's objections to the 36 NPDES permits:

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Hearing Procedures

The hearings will be presided over by the Regional Administrator’s designee (i.e., EPA Hearing Officer). The purpose of the hearings is to receive public comments, orally or in writing, regarding EPA’s specific objections to the draft NPDES permits for the 36 listed facilities.

A written transcript of the hearing will be made available to the public at the conclusion of the hearings.

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Ensuring Safety and Comfort: Security and Prohibited Items

Please expect heightened security measures for these public hearings. For the safety, security and comfort of all participants you can expect to see uniformed law enforcement at each hearing. All individuals, bags, purses and similar receptacles may be subject to inspection prior to entry into the hearing and you will be denied entry if you choose not to comply with this request.

Please do not bring the following prohibited items into the public hearings or they will be confiscated by the security officials:

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Following Public Hearings

The period for public comment on EPA’s specific objections will close 14 days after the last of the scheduled public hearings, except that the EPA hearing officer may extend the comment period for written statements and data by so stating at the hearings. 

Following the public hearings, and after consideration of all written and oral comments and data and the requirements of the CWA and applicable regulations, the EPA Regional Administrator will reaffirm the original objections, modify the terms of the objections, or withdraw the objections, pursuant to 40 CFR § 123.44(g).  The EPA will notify the Cabinet of its determination.  In the case of permits for which EPA either reaffirms the original objection or modifies the terms of the objection, KDOW must, within thirty (30) days of receipt of EPA’s determination, submit to EPA a revised permit which meets the terms of the remaining objection, or exclusive authority to issue the permit passes to EPA.  For facilities for which objections are withdrawn following the hearings, KDOW may proceed with the permit issuance process. 

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Reasonable Accommodation for a Disability

EPA intends to provide the services of an American Sign Language interpreter at each hearing.  If you need a reasonable accommodation for a disability, please contact EPA at 703-577-4953 (voice).  TTY/TDD users please dial 404-562-8339.  Please provide one week advance notice prior to the relevant public hearing date for special requests not related to ongoing programs and services.

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