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Mercury TMDLs in Region 4

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A TMDL or Total Maximum Daily Load is a calculation of the maximum amount of a pollutant that a waterbody can receive and still meet water quality standards, and an allocation of that amount to the pollutant's sources. Section 303 of the Clean Water Act establishes the water quality standards and TMDL programs. For additional general information about TMDLs, please refer to EPA's Introduction to TMDLs.

Region 4 approves section 303(d) lists of impaired waters submitted by the states. Then the Region either develops and finalizes TMDLs or approves state-submitted TMDLs for those impaired waters. TMDLs in which mercury has been listed as a pollutant have been developed for the State of Georgia and approved for the States of Mississippi and North Carolina. The mercury TMDLs listed below are organized by major watersheds in each of the three states.

Atmospheric deposition modeling of toxics (e.g., mercury) is also important for EPA's total maximum daily load (TMDL) program. TMDLs are established by EPA to ensure that water quality standards are maintained. A detailed analysis of the atmospheric deposition of mercury for a specific TMDL project is included in the following document: Analysis of the Atmospheric Deposition of Mercury to the Savannah River Watershed (PDF, 52 pp, :414 Mb) - About PDF files

For basic information about mercury, its health effects, how to handle spills and to learn what EPA is doing to reduce mercury emissions, select from the topics listed to the right or visit the national mercury home page. TMDLs in the Southeast that have recently proposed or finalized for various pollutants other than mercury are available by state.


States: Georgia | Mississippi | North Carolina


Altamaha River Basin
Chattahoochee River Basin
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Coosa River Basin
Flint River Basin
Ochlockonee River Basin

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Ocmulgee River Basin
Oconee River Basin
Ogeechee River Basin
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Satilla River Basin
Savannah River Basin

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Suwannee River Basin

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Pascagoula River Basin Pearl River Basin

Yazoo River Basin

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North Carolina

Lumber River Basin Roanoke River Basin


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