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Pollution Prevention (P2) and Innovation

Contact Information

Pollution Prevention and Innovation Team
U.S. EPA Region 4

The Region 4 Pollution Prevention and Innovation (P2I) Program promotes and supports sustainability, pollution prevention, and innovation in the Southeast. Pollution prevention, or reducing pollution at the source, is an integral component to becoming more sustainable over time. Sustainability involves understanding and evaluating environmental performance and impacts, economic productivity, and individual and societal needs – the “triple bottom line.”

P2I seeks to partner with states, local governments and municipalities, manufacturers and businesses, trade associations, institutions and colleges, and universities.

Focus Areas

State P2 Resources

Grant Funds for P2 Projects

Region 4 manages two grant programs to promote P2 projects in the Southeast. The Pollution Prevention Grant Program is available for state agencies and institutions (e.g., state universities). Region 4 also awards Source Reduction Assistance Grants to support a variety of other projects, including local outreach and education for Region 4 priorities.

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Partnership for Sustainable Communities Forum

The Region 4 Sustainability team hosted a virtual forum for the Partnership for Sustainable Communities on Wednesday, October 26, 2011. Participants and presenters included several individuals from state government, private sector agencies, EPA headquarters management and several of the Regional Administrators and Deputy Regional Administrators from various Region 4 federal agencies. The purpose of the forum was to:

The presentations are available for viewing below.

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