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Sustainable Hospitality

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Pollution Prevention and Innovation Team
U.S. EPA Region 4

This website is intended to provide information to hospitality professionals and interested parties with information to start or expand a sustainable hospitality program.

What is sustainable hospitality? Sustainable hospitality focuses on reducing the environmental, social and economic impacts of the hospitality sector. The hospitality sector covers:

Why is sustainable hospitality important? The hospitality sector has a significant impact on the environment through energy and water consumption, use of consumable products, and solid and hazardous waste generation. These impacts create costs for hospitality service providers in decreased revenues, increased operating costs, and employee costs. Adopting sustainable hospitality programs can provide a significant competitive advantage to businesses in the hospitality sector.
What is Region 4ís involvement? Region 4 is working with states, universities, trade associations and other institutions to provide the hospitality sector with technical assistance and information, to develop best practices, to help establish industry standards, and to encourage the adoption of more sustainable practices.

Selected Resources

Sustainable Lodging: Technical assistance, best management practices, and links to existing state green lodging programs.

Sustainable Restaurants and Food & Beverage Options: Opportunities to reduce pollution in food service operations.

Sustainable Events and Meetings: Programs, materials, and tools for planning or hosting a green meeting or event.

Sustainable Venues: Resources for event spaces.

Sustainable Sporting Events: Resources, programs and information for professional and academic sporting organizations.

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