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Brownfields Cleanup & Redevelopment

As part of the EPA Administratorís priority to cleanup communities, the EPA Region 4 Brownfields Program provides funds and technical assistance to States, communities and other public and nonprofit partners to identify, assess, safely cleanup, and plan for revitalization/reuse of Brownfields properties in the Southeastern US. The Brownfields Program works under the authority of Public Law 107-118 (H.R. 2869): "Small Business Liability Relief and Brownfields Revitalization Act", commonly known as the Brownfields Law.

Regional Information

EPA Region 4 Brownfields Grant Workshop

It's almost that time of year again!

This workshop will be open to existing grantees, new FY14 grantees, and those that have applied for a grant and have not been selected. There will be a session devoted to providing assistance to those interested in preparing a winning proposal and sessions on managing your grant, focusing on sustainability, planning for financing and much more. Grantee consultants may attend as well. Click now for further details and registration information. (PDF: 2 pps, 378KB)

Brownfields Area-Wide Planning Grant

Brownfields Area-Wide Planning is an EPA grant program which provides funding to recipients to conduct research, technical assistance and training that will result in an area-wide plan and implementation strategy for key brownfield sites, which will help inform the assessment, cleanup and reuse of brownfields properties and promote area-wide revitalization. Funding is directed to specific areas, such as a neighborhood, downtown district, local commercial corridor, or city block, affected by a single large or multiple brownfield sites.

Getting Started- Guidance on Preparing Your Brownfields Area-Wide Planning Grant Proposal!

Some applicants find it difficult to prepare their grant proposals within 60 days, the typical amount of time the Request for Proposals (RFP) allows until the proposals are due. However, there are several activities that applicants can perform to begin to prepare their propsals in advance of the RFP being made publically available. So to help applicants get started we at EPA have developed a new guide document.

Potential applicants for our Brownfields Area-Wide Planning grants can get a head start with proposal preparation by familiarizing themselves with the document below, discussing possible projects with local partners and stakeholders, pulling together important information, and working with their local Brownfields contacts to resolve any questions about brownfields site eligibility. We hope this information will help applicants prepare a thorough, well-organized, and timely proposal.

Brownfields Area Wide Planning Program

Getting Started Early on Preparing your BF AWP Grant Proposal (PDF: 3 pps, 273KB)

Example Request for Proposal (RFP), or Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

Many communities already have standard RFP or RFQ procedures and standards. We have also provided a few samples below which may help you add elements you may not have thought of. You may not need all the components contained within these examples and should feel free to customize the components to your specific needs. A few additional points are worth mentioning. Every cooperative agreement awarded by EPA comes with a set of specific Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) which guide recipient practices such as procuring contractors, providing drinks and snacks at public meetings and so forth. These conditions apply to the downstream recipients of the funds such as your contractors and their subcontractors. The T&Cs should be disclosed at the time of bidding to assure bidders are aware of these contracting conditions. You may contact your project officer for a copy of the applicable T&Cs if you do not yet have them. Further, your contract management practices will be smoother if someone on your team is tasked with overseeing and directing the technical aspects of your contractor/consultantís work. This assures compliance with grant T&Cs and is solely the responsibility of the grantee and not the State or EPA. Identify the person(s) who will take on that role for your cooperative agreement, if you have not already done so, and allow that person to assist you with evaluating the qualifications and/or proposals.

Example Format (PDF: 1 pps, 178KB)

Example RFP for Assessment (PDF: 15 pps, 1.08MB)

Example RFP for Cleanup Grants (PDF: 7 pps, 41.32KB)

Example RFQ for Assessment Grants (PDF: 5 pps, 215.02KB)

Presentations From 2013 New Grantee Workshop

All Appropriate Inquiries AAI (PDF:35 pps, 3.29MB)

Brownfields Terms and Conditions (PDF: 6 pps, 93KB)

Community Involvement Plans (PDF: 11 pps, 885KB)

Establishing a Brownfields Program-The Big Picture (PDF: 31 pps, 3.64MB)

Finding Additional Funds thru Federal Partners (PDF: 22 pps, 7.34MB)

How do We Get Our Money (PDF: 15 pps, 710KB)

Inside ACRES Database (PDF: 27 pps, 2.80MB)

Moving from Assessment to Cleanup (PDF: 6 pps, 1.02MB)

Planning for Reuse (PDF: 14 pps, 2.09MB)

Schedule and Workplan Timeline (PDF: 34 pps, 572KB)

FY2014 Proposal Guidelines for Brownfields Assessment, Revolving Loan Fund, and Cleanup Grants

EPA has published its request for Brownfield proposals for Assessment, Revolving Loan Fund, and Cleanup Grants.

The FY 2014 Proposal Guidelines are posted to the EPA national Brownfields website at: http://www.epa.gov/oswer/grants-funding.htm. These grants may be used to address sites contaminated by petroleum and hazardous substances, pollutants, or contaminants.

Opportunities for funding are as follows:

National Information

The National Program Office, located within the US Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response, Office of Brownfields and Land Revitalization, provides policies, guidance and direction to the Regional Brownfields Programs. 

The Land Revitalization Program provides assistance to State, local, and private sector partners, to restore contaminated land to reusable, marketable real estate development opportunities.  Our Land Revitalization website has a variety of information about revitalization and reuse, including revitalization tools and resources.

Additional Resources
Looking for additional funds to support your Brownfields or Land Revitalization efforts? Check out the Brownfields Federal Programs Guide - 2011 Edition (PDF: 84 pps, 1.23MB).


Brownfields News In Region 4

Highlights from the Brownfields 2013 Conference

Brownfields Contacts:

EPA Region 4 Contacts

Region 4 State and Tribal Partners
The Region 4 Brownfields Program works closely with its State and Tribal partners to facilitate Brownfields cleanup and revitalization in the Southeast.

State/Tribal Contacts (PDF: 3 pp, 37KB) and Tribal Government Contacts.

Grants Administrative Information

Region 4 State and Tribal Brownfields and Land Revitalization Information

By clicking on the state and tribal web page links, you will be leaving the EPA.gov domain and entering an external link. These links provides additional information that may be useful or interesting and is being provided consistent with the intended purpose of the EPA Web site. However, EPA cannot attest to the accuracy of information provided by these links or any other linked site.


Region 4 State Map Kentucky UST Kentucky Brownfields Kentucky RCRA Kentucky Mine reclamation Kentucky Voluntary cleanup Kentucky Hazardous site inventory Kentucky Superfund Tennessee Brownfields Tennessee UST Tennessee RCRA Tennessee Mine reclamation Tennessee Voluntary cleanup Tennessee Hazardous site inventory Tennessee Superfund Mississippi Brownfields Mississippi UST Mississippi Mine reclamation Mississippi Voluntary cleanup Mississippi Hazardous site inventory Mississippi Superfund Alabama Brownfields Alabama UST Alabama RCRA Alabama Mine reclamation Alabama Voluntary cleanup Alabama Hazardous site inventory Alabama Superfund Florida Brownfields Florida UST Florida RCRA Florida Mine reclamation Florida Voluntary cleanup Florida Hazardous site inventory Florida Superfund Seminoles (Brownfields) Georgia Brownfields Georgia UST Georgia RCRA Georgia Voluntary cleanup Georgia Hazardous site inventory Georgia Superfund South Carolina Brownfields South Carolina UST South Carolina RCRA South Carolina Mine reclamation South Carolina Voluntary cleanup South Carolina Hazardous site inventory South Carolina Superfund North Carolina Brownfields North Carolina UST North Carolina RCRA North Carolina Voluntary cleanup North Carolina Hazardous site inventory North Carolina Superfund

Region 4 Toolkits

Enviromental Toolkits

EPA Region 4 has created several useful centralized web-based toolkits to assist local governments, citizens, businesses and environmental regulators in identifying information to develop, evaluate, support, and/or expand programs in air quality, waste, revitalization projects and water. These toolkits offer detailed tutorials on various "how-tos" to help turn great ideas into positive accomplishments.

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