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Goals of the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA)

RCRA Corrective Action
What does GPRA require?

In 1993, Congress passed, and the President signed, the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA). GPRA places new management expectations and requirements on federal agencies. GPRA provides a way to create fiscal accountability for federal programs. Pursuant to GPRA, departments and agencies must clearly describe the goals and objectives of their programs, identify resources and actions needed to accomplish these goals and objectives, develop a means of measuring their progress, and regularly report on their achievements. This approach also seeks to improve congressional decision making by clarifying and stating program performance goals, costs, and results "up front."

Which RCRA Corrective Action facilities are affected by GPRA?

In response to GPRA's requirements for more effective planning, budgeting and program evaluation, in 2005, the RCRA Corrective Action Program began measuring its progress through two facility-wide RCRA Environmental Indicators, Current Human Exposures Under Control (CA725) and Migration of Groundwater Contamination Under Control (CA750). For the 2008 GPRA Cleanup Baseline; two new goals were added: Remedy Decision (CA400) and Remedy Construction (CA550).

Beginning in 2008, EPA started to focus on a new Cleanup Baseline, the 2020 GPRA Cleanup Baseline. Nationally, there are 3,746 facilities on the RCRA Cleanup Baseline. These are the RCRA facilities nationwide that EPA has identified as needing the most immediate attention due to environmental contamination. Of these 3,746 facilities, 557 are located in Region 4 and are on RCRA R4's Cleanup Baseline.

The ultimate goal of Corrective Action is to achieve final cleanups. To measure success in the 2020 Baseline under GPRA, EPA chose to measure program success over a longer period of time. As a part of GPRA goals, EPA committed to having (by fiscal-year 2020) Remedies constructed at 95% of the facilities of the RCRA Cleanup Baseline. Measuring and recording our progress toward these goals will be a top priority for EPA and the States over the next several years. Region 4 Progress at its 557 RCRA Cleanup Baseline facilities, measured in relation to the main GPRA goals.


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