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Community Development and Recycling Links and Resources

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EPA Region 4 Recycling Web site: This Web site provides resources and information on recycling in the Southeast, and recycling outreach ideas including artwork, advertisements, and state contacts.

U.S. Recycling Economic Information Study: The U.S. Recycling Economic Information (REI) Study is an unprecedented national study that demonstrates the importance of recycling and reuse to the U.S. economy. The study, commissioned by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and numerous states through a cooperative agreement with the National Recycling Coalition, clearly shows what many have known for a long time—"Recycling is Working".

Recycling Development Resources

Curbside Value PartnershipExit EPA Disclaimer: The Curbside Value Partnership (CVP) is a national consortium of curbside recycling communities and stakeholders developing and sharing best-practice communications and business principles.

The American Beverage Recycling’s Recycle It Now ProgramExit EPA Disclaimer campaign is an example of a unique public-private partnership, which provides state and local government officials with turnkey tools that can be used to promote recycling at the community level.

Jobs Through Recycling: While the Jobs Through Recycling (JTR) Program is no longer active, this Web site continues to provide recycling market development information for state and local officials, sources of technical and financial assistance for recycling businesses, and information on the economic benefits of recycling.

Resource Conservation Challenge has public service announcements (PSAs) available to download.

North Carolina’s RE3 recycling promotional materials Exit EPA Disclaimer are available for download and include designs and patterns for shirts, stickers, and posters.

North Carolina’s RE3 recycling clip art Exit EPA Disclaimer site has free images of recyclables such as bottles, cans, paper products and some of the products into which they can be recycled.

Download the award-winning Recycle Guys's Promotional Materials Exit EPA Disclaimer available from South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control’s (DHEC’s) Office of Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling. Recycle Guys’ Award Winning Posters and Fact Sheets Exit EPA Disclaimer are also available for download.

Earth 911’s Recycling PSA ClearinghouseExit EPA Disclaimer shares PSAs on a variety of environmental topics so that all local communities have the opportunity to promote environmental messages on local radio and television. Access numerous PSAs through the multimedia PSA library.

The American Beverage Association's Recycle It NowExit EPA Disclaimer Web site contains resources for beverage container recycling campaigns, such as music and billboards that are available royalty-free.

Southeast Recycling Development Council, Inc. (SERDC)Exit EPA Disclaimer serves to unite industry professionals, government agencies and individuals engaged in the business of recycling, to foster communications among these groups, to promote sustainable recycling programs and to coordinate education and public awareness activities related to recycling.

Starting a Recycling Program: EPA Region 4 has created a Web page to help local governments jumpstart their recycling program.

Improving Your Recycling Program: EPA Region 4 has created a Web page to help local and state governments build upon existing recycling programs.

For information on the economic impacts of recycling, visit the EPA Region 4 Economics & Recycling Web site.

For information on the impact of recycling on climate change, visit the EPA Region 4 Climate Change & Recycling Web site.

Community Development Fact Sheet

Recycling: A Component of Strong Community Development (4 pp, 96K, About PDF)


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