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Financial Responsibility

Program Information

State UST Financial Assurance Funds

EPA allows UST owners and operators to comply with the federal financial responsibility regulation which requires the ability to pay for cleanup or third-party liability compensation, in several ways. One option is UST owners and operators participate in a state UST financial assurance fund that provides all federally-required coverage. Over the past ten years, state UST financial assurance funds have paid approximately $7 billion to clean up leaking UST sites. Many states have various funds to clean up UST releases.

Status of Region 4 State UST Financial Assurance Funds

Information Regarding Securing Private UST Insurance Coverage

EPA Study On The Effectiveness Of UST Insurance As A Financial Responsibility (FR) Mechanism (PDF) (36 pp, 158K) (EPA-510-R-11-005) December 2011.
EPA undertook a study to assess the effectiveness of UST insurance as a FR mechanism, as well as to more broadly examine whether the current UST insurance structure provides owners and operators with the financial assurance EPA originally intended. This document summarizes the results of the study, identifies certain areas of concerns, and discusses potential next steps.

Guide to Tank Insurance (PDF) (13 pp, 470K) October 2011.
The Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials (ASTSWMO) State Funds Task Force published this guide to assist owners and operators when purchasing UST insurance. It provides information regarding UST insurance policy construction, terminology, definitions, exclusions, and coverage that owners and operators should consider when purchasing their policy.

List Of Known Insurance Providers For Underground Storage Tank Owners And Operators
(PDF) (18 pp, 372K) (EPA 510-B-12-002) July 2012.
This booklet provides UST owners and operators with a list of insurance providers who may be able to help UST owners and operators comply with financial responsibility requirements by providing a suitable insurance mechanism.

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