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Region 4 UST Staff / Programs

Need assistance? Contact your Region 4 state agency, or for Indian country contact EPA Region 4 staff. For general information, you can contact Region 4 staff below or our National EPA Office of underground Storage Tanks.


Staff Program Area Phone E-Mail
Bill Truman UST Section Chief
*Budget Formulation
*Financial Responsibility
*State Program Approval (SPA)
(404) 562-9457 truman.bill@epa.gov
Channing Bennett *Brownfield-Petroleum UST Coordination
*Identifying Petroleum Sites
(404) 562-8474 bennett.channing@epa.gov
Aaryn Jones *Compliance Inspections
*Fund Solvency
*North Carolina State Coordinator
(919) 541-0066 jones.aaryn@epa.gov
Mallory Miller *Compliance Inspections
*Enforcement Policies
*Regulatory Issues
*Indian country
*UST Systems (New/Upgrade)
*Release Prevention
*Release Detection
(404) 562-9483 miller.mallory@epa.gov
Terry Self *Compliance Inspections
*UST Performance Measures
*Alabama State Coordinator
*Florida State Coordinator
(404) 562-9396 self.terry@epa.gov
Ben Singh *Compliance Inspections
*Enforcement Policies
*UST Systems (New/Upgrade)
*Kentucky State Coordinator
*South Carolina State Coordinator
(404) 562-8922 singh.ben@epa.gov
Winston G. Smith *Closure of UST Systems
*Corrective Action Issues
*Site Assessment
*Tennessee Hazardous Substance Tanks
*Guidelines for Tennessee Hazardous Substance (UST)
*Mississippi State Coordinator
*Tennessee State Coordinator
(404) 562-9467 smith.wg@epa.gov
Wendy Bias *Administrative Services (404) 562-8352 bias.wendy@epa.gov
Wendell Tomes *Compliance Inspections
*Georgia State Coordinator
(404) 562-8251 tomes.wendell@epa.gov
Linda Williams *Web Developer (404) 562-8977 williams.linda@epa.gov


We are located at:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Sam Nunn Atlanta Federal Center
61 Forsyth Street SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30303-8960
(404) 562-8452
Fax: (404) 562-8439
Toll Free Info: 1-800-241-1754
TTY Number: (404) 562-8339

For information about the contents of this page please contact Linda Williams

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