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Field Branches Quality System
and Technical Procedures

US-EPA, Region 4, SESD, Athens, Georgia

The Field Branches Quality System and Technical Procedures supersede the "Environmental Investigations Standard Operating Procedures and Quality Assurance Manual" (EISOPQAM), November 2001, and the "Ecological Assessment Standard Operating Procedures and Quality Assurance Manual" (EASOPQAM), January 2002. These procedures contain routine field sampling and measurement procedures, and quality control documents used by field investigators of the two SESD Field Branches: the Ecological Assessment Branch and the Enforcement and Investigations Branch.

The specific sampling and field measurement procedures are based on the experience of the field investigators within the field branches and accepted professional practices which are referenced in each procedure. These documents are intended to be dynamic and will be periodically reviewed and updated, as needed. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure they are using the most recent version of the procedures.

By allowing others access to these procedures no inference is made that the work is covered by the SESD field branches scope of accreditation under ISO 17025. Once the procedures are downloaded they are no longer controlled documents. For more information see the disclaimers below.

  Documents available here for downloading and viewing
are contained in files formatted using
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However, due to the technical nature of  many of these documents, especially those 
in Acrobat PDF format, they may not always read properly when using assistive technology.

Some information available here is also contained in files using the ZIP archiving format.

If you need additional information or assistance with these documents, contact
Bobby Lewis at (706) 355-8629, E-mail: Lewis.Bobby@epa.gov
or Hunter Johnson at (706) 355-8722, E-mail: Johnson.Hunter@epa.gov


Field Branches Quality Management Plan, May 30, 2013, (PDF, 60pp, 943K)

Field Branches Quality Policy, August 23, 2011, (PDF, 5pp, 771K)

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Field Measurement Procedures

   All Field Measurement Procedures in one zip file, (ZIP, 6.3M)

Field Sampling Procedures

   All Field Sampling Procedures in one zip file, (ZIP, 18.5M)

Quality System Procedures

   All Quality System Procedures in one zip file, (ZIP, 12.6M)

Guidance Documents

   All Guidance Documents in one zip file, (ZIP, 3.0M)

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