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Equivalency Criteria for States to Establish
a Program Equivalent to EPA’s Program
for Cryptosporidium Laboratory Approval
March 2013

US-EPA, Region 4, SESD, Athens, Georgia

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The Environmental Protection Agency Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water’s Technical Support Center (TSC) is integrating oversight of the Cryptosporidium Laboratory Approval Program with EPA Regional and State Certification Programs. The Cryptosporidium Laboratory Approval Program supports the Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (LT2ESWTR).

40 CFR 141.705(a) provides for approval of Cryptosporidium laboratories by an “equivalent” State program (i.e. equivalent to EPA’s Laboratory Quality Assurance Evaluation Program). EPA’s Regional Certification Programs, in consultation with TSC as needed, will determine whether a State certification/accreditation program is equivalent.

EPA Region 4 Science and Ecosystem Support Division has set up equivalency criteria necessary for States in Region 4 desiring to establish a Cryptosporidium Laboratory Certification/Approval Program. All Region 4 States seeking to establish an EPA equivalent laboratory certification program for Cryptosporidium should submit their letter of intent to Region 4. Strict adherence to the following guidelines should be taken.

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