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Organization Chart (Text Version)

US-EPA, Region 4, SESD, Athens, Georgia

[ Graphic Version ]

Immediate Office
Michael V. Peyton, Director
Antonio Quinones, Deputy Director
FAX 706-355-8508

  • Analytical Support Branch
    Danny France, Chief
    FAX 706-355-8803
    • Inorganic Chemistry Section
      Jeffrey Hendel, Chief
    • Organic Chemistry Section
      Floyd Wellborn, Chief
  • Enforcement and Investigations Branch
    John Deatrick, Acting Chief
    FAX 706-355-8744
    • Superfund and Air Section
      Laura Ackerman, Chief
    • Enforcement Section
      Mike Neill, Acting Chief
  • Ecological Assessment Branch
    Mike Bowden, Acting Chief
    FAX 706-355-8726
    • Water Quality Section
      Stacey Box, Chief
    • Aquatic Biology Section
  • Management and Technical Services Branch
    Bobbi Carter, Chief
    FAX 706-355-8508
    • Quality Assurance Section
      Marilyn Maycock, Chief
    • Program Support Section
      Cindy Kesler, Chief


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