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Photo Gallery - Operation and Maintenance

EPA Demonstrates a Viable and Sustainable Technology
to Treat Wastewater in Central America
US-EPA, Region 4, SESD, Athens, Georgia

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A WWTP operator checks the squirt height of the wastewater in the distribution lines.

The photo shows the an operator kneeling on the gravel top of a sand filter with water squirting into the air from the distribution lines.

A WWTP operator flushes the lines by opening the PVC ball valve at the end of the distribution line.

The photo shows a man kneeling on top of the sand filter turning a PVC valve.

The lift station is equipped with two 0.5 horsepower pumps that are used to transport wastewater from the pumping tank to the sand filter. The screen in front of the intake housing can be clogged and consequently will need periodic cleaning.

The photo shows a dirty pump leaning on the ground and held on one end by a person.

A dirty pump vault filter removed for cleaning.

The photo shows a dirty pump vault filter outside of the pump vault.

A pump vault filter being washed at a car wash with a pressure hose. The filter is clean and ready for installation.

The photo shows a person pressure spraying a pump vault filter.

An operator checks squirt height after the pumping system has been cleaned. The squirt height is approximately 6 feet.

The photo shows a person standing next to a squirt of water coming from a distribution line on top of the sand filter.

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