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Eight Mile / Prichard Air Study
Prichard, Alabama
April 24-26, 2012

US-EPA, Region 4, SESD, Athens, Georgia

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On April 24-26, 2012, the US EPA, Region 4, Science and Ecosystem Support Division (SESD) collected ambient air samples from the residential neighborhoods surrounding the Gulf South Natural Gas Pumping Station located at 3350 Suncrest Road, Prichard, Alabama. The overall goal of this effort was to collect data of sufficient quality and quantity to determine if Eight Mile / Prichard residents in the study area are being exposed to sulfur compound concentrations in the ambient air that may pose a potential health hazard. The results of the study are presented in the report linked below.

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Eight Mile / Prichard Air Study
The following document is in Acrobat PDF format. It contains 153 pages and its size is1.2 MegaBytes Report

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