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US-EPA, Region 4, SESD, Athens, Georgia

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The United States Environmental Protection Agency, Region 4, Science and Ecosystem Support Division (SESD) has always taken a leadership role in providing training and technical assistance to Region 4 States, Indian Tribes, and other Federal Agencies. Each year, SESD provides training/technical assistance to hundreds of students in Region 4.

One of the most recognized forms of technical assistance that SESD provides is formal classroom training. Available on this web site is a course list showing the course title, course description and course contact of the training courses that SESD makes available. Students interested in these courses and in need of more information should get in touch with the contact person listed for each course.

The type and number of courses offered by SESD vary from year to year, so included in the course list are courses that have been provided by SESD in the past but have not been requested recently. These courses are listed for those who may want to request one or more of them in the future.

In addition to formal training courses, SESD personnel provide technical transfer of their expertise by participating in workshops, meetings, seminars, and conferences.

SESD also coordinates the NETI training provided to the Region. A description of NETI courses can be found on the NETI web site located at: http://www2.epa.gov/compliance/national-enforcement-training-institute-neti-elearning-center

SESD personnel also provide other forms of technical support to a variety of organizations within Region 4 States. These include:

  1. Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Support (FLETC) - SESD supports the training activities at FLETC, located in Glynco, Georgia. SESD provides instructors and facilitators for portions of a variety of courses dealing with field methods and procedures used to collect evidence at environmental crime scenes. The courses are attended by State, Federal, and local law enforcement officers but occasionally include technical staff from other organizations. During the last three years, SESD staff provided instructors/facilitators for the following courses taught at FLETC: Advanced Environmental Crimes Training Program, Basic Environmental Investigations, and Technical Personnel Training. The coordinators for SESD's training activities with FLETC are Art Masters (706) 355-8612, Masters.Arthur@epa.gov and Kevin Simmons (706) 355-8730, Simmons.Kevin@epa.gov.

  2. University of Georgia, Environmental Health Science Department - SESD provides lectures on environmental issues to students attending Environmental Health Science classes. Some of the topics taught by SESD to the students are: Wastewater Treatment Technology; Water Treatment Technology; RCRA Hazardous Waste Sampling and Identification; and, Air Toxics Monitoring. The coordinator for UGA training is Mike Neill (706) 355-8614.

If you need additional information or assistance with training contact:
Mike Bowden (706) 355-8734, Bowden.Mike@epa.gov

For further information about the contents of this page please contact R4SESDWeb@epa.gov

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