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Electronic Data Submission

Regional Information
Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) Information

This site provides guidance for submitting environmental data to the Region 4 database (Data Archival and ReTrieval - DART). This database is Region 4s main repository for storing Superfund data, which includes Locational, Geological, and analytical data from Superfund sites across the Region.

If you need assistance during the EDD submittal process, contact R4DART@epa.gov

Step 1: Data Submittal Summary

The controlling document for this process is the Environmental Data Submission Guidance (SESDGUID-106-R0) (PDF) (17 pp, 70K, About PDF). This document outlines how to prepare and submit the Region 4 Data Summary EDD, and how to obtain your Project ID. See the Data Submittal Summary Template (.xls).

Step 2: Prepare Your EDD

Upon successfully completing Step 1 (Data Submittal Summary), you are now ready to prepare your EDDs. Data providers are required to submit their data in the format specified in the Region 4 EDD Reference Guide v1.1 (PDF), (72 pp, 689K, About PDF) which has detailed information.

Step 3: Validate Your EDD

After Step 2 is complete, your EDD is ready for data validation using the Equis Data Processor (EDP). EDP is a standalone application that allows data providers to check their EDD files prior to submission to ensure they are formatted as described in the Region 4 EDD Reference Guide. The Region 4 EDP Reference Manual v1.0 (PDF) (26 pp, 1.9MB, About PDF) contains the information needed to obtain, register, maintain and use EDP.

Step 4: Submit Your EDD

After Step 3 is complete and your EDD has no errors, you are ready to submit your EDD to Region 4. In order to submit an EDD, you must:

Format Files

Please send all data submittals and correspondence to the r4dart@epa.gov mailbox.

EPA Region 4 has implemented EQuIS version 6.2 and upgraded the new EPAR4.xse format file (see EPA R4 Format file above).  Please note that the Region is now using the new format file and all data for submittal will need to be checked in EDP using it (see Region 4 Template for EDP above to see current field schema).

Also, when you Sign and Submit, Please use the following naming convention when you get past the username /password/ Facility Code dialogue box:

For example:
P2013-0001_Leonard Chemical Company Incorporated_PL-HHICKMAN_14 01 08_Ch.110001224773.EPAR4.edd
Notice everything in the file name prior to the Facility Code is user defined and is for information purposes. The Facility Code, Format and .edd are required for the data to load successfully. This naming convention is not in the documentation but is helpful to keep track of the electronic data submitted.


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