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Prospective Purchaser Inquiry (PPI) Service

Superfund Redevelopment in Region 4
Frequently Accessed Laws, Regulations, and Legal Information
Lakeland, Florida

At the Alpha Chemical Corp. site, the Alpha Chemical Corp. continues to operate a resin manufacturing facility on the site after cleaning two contaminated disposal ponds and monitoring contaminated groundwater.

Region 4 offers a free, optional, information service to prospective purchasers, sellers, lessees, and other stakeholders involved in the redevelopment of a current or former Superfund removal or remedial site. The PPI Service provides information about specific sites including cleanup status, liability protection/limitation and lien issues; and answers questions about the coordination of cleanup and redevelopment activities at current or former Superfund sites.

Region 4 has identified four questions as critical to Superfund site redevelopment:

  1. What is the current status of EPA's cleanup and what are the future anticipated actions?
  2. Is the proposed redevelopment compatible with EPA's cleanup and with the existing and potential institutional controls?
  3. Does the prospective purchaser understand the applicable federal landowner liability protections?
  4. How will EPA settle or resolve any Section 107(l) Superfund liens or Section 107(r) Windfall Liens?

The purpose of the PPI Service is to offer one-stop shopping for information that will allow a prospective purchaser to make an informed and timely business decision on whether to purchase a particular Superfund site. In addition, as part of the PPI Service, Region 4 will offer appropriate redevelopment tools, such as site-specific comfort letters or settlement agreements to facilitate a successful redevelopment project.

For more information about the PPI Service or to schedule a PPI Service meeting or phone conference, contact the EPA staff assigned to the site or the Superfund Redevelopment Coordinator.

Additional Information

Disclaimer: EPA is not able to offer guarantees or assurances to prospective purchasers about the compatibility of their redevelopment plans with the site cleanup. EPA can generally discuss the redevelopment plans with the prospective purchaser, and identify obvious incompatibilities, but the burden of not impeding or injuring the remedy is solely the prospective purchaser's responsibility.

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