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Emergency Response in the Southeast

Emergencies -- report oil or chemical spills at 800-424-8802
National Information

Oil Response & Removal

  • Oil Cleanup
  • WhereYou Live
  • Reporting Oil Spills
  • Preventing Oil Spills
  • Preparing for Oil Spills
  • Responding to Oil Spills
  • Learning Center

Chemical Releases

  • Risk Management Plans - (RMPs)
  • Emergency Planning andCommunity Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA)
  • Laws & Regulations
  • Tools & Resources
  • Chemicals in Your Community
  • Preventing Chemical Accidents
  • CEPPO's Role in Homeland Security

EPA's Superfund Emergency Response Program provides quick response to the release, or threatened release, of oil and hazardous substances wherever and whenever they occur. In support of these objectives, the program:


An environmental emergency is a suddent threat to the public health, or the well-being of the environment, arising from the release or potential release of oil, hazardous chemicals, radioactive materials, or biological agents into the air, land, or water. These emergencies may occur from transportation accidents, events at facilities that manufacture or store oil or chemicals, or as a result of natural or man-made disaster events. The Emergency Response and Removal Program also deals with threats to the environment that are imminent, but somewhat less acute. These actions are generally surface cleanups. These removal actions can be triggered by burning, leaking, explosion or other hazardous occurrences that cannot wait for remedial action. Due to the short-term nature of these actions, there is a set limit of $2 million and 12 months limit on Fund-financed removal actions.

Pollution Reports (POLREPS)

For Reports of removal response actions at oil and harzardous substance sites see:

List of Pollution Reports from chemical sites (recent and current removal activities)

List of Pollution Reports from oil sites

EPA OSC.net also provides pollution reports and site information for Region 4 emergency response and removal sites.

To report a spill go to: Protect the Environment: Report spills and violations.

Previously reported spills: Information is available at The National Response Center.Exit EPA Disclaimer

      Please contact Libby Holcomb (holcomb.libby@epa.gov) (PH: 404.562.8715) if you are having trouble finding the information you need.

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