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Jacksonville Ash Site Video Transcript

Hi.  I'm Joe Alfano, Remedial Project Manager with the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

This film is to let you, the community, know what's going to happen at the former Jacksonville Ash sites, which are the Lonnie C. Miller site the Fifth and Cleveland site, the Forest Street site, and the Brown's Dump site.  These four sites are going to under remediation by the City of Jacksonville with oversight by the US Environmental Protection Agency.  We're going to look at all four sites individually, starting with the Lonnie C. Miller Park site. 

This is the Lonnie C. Miller Park site in northwest Jacksonville.  The city of Jacksonville and their contractors started sampling the soil in 2000.  The main chemical of concern found was lead, with lesser amounts of other constituents.  The remediation is designed to protect you and your children by removing direct contact with the contaminated soil.  This will be done by either putting two foot of clean soil cover the contaminated soil, or removing up to two foot of contaminated soil and replacing it with clean soil, and then revegetating the surface.
At the Lonnie C. Miller Park site, we will place two foot of clean soil over the contaminated soil and revegetate the grass.  The back side of the Lonnie C. Miller Park was used for many years by the City of Jacksonville to dump municipal incinerator ash.   

Let’s move on to the next site.  We’re now at the Brown’s Dump site, location of the now closed Mary McCloud Bethune School.  The City of Jacksonville, with oversight from the US Environmental Protection Agency, began sampling this site before 2000.  The remediation of this site consists of a two foot, clean soil cover on the area surrounding the school.  The surrounding residential properties will have up to two foot of contaminated soil removed and backfilled with clean soil, then the areas will be revegetated and relandscaped. 

This is the Fifth and Cleveland site at Emmett Reed Park, site of the former Fifth and Cleveland Incinerator.  The former incinerator site has already received two foot of clean fill and has been covered by the new tennis center.  Besides remediation, we try to revitalize the neighborhood and return the land to beneficial use.

Now, let’s talk about the surrounding residential area. Besides the public lands at the Lonnie C. Miller Park, the former Mary McCloud Bethune School and the Emmett Reed Park, there are many residential properties included in the Jacksonville Ash Sites.  Since the late 1990s, the City of Jacksonville, with EPA oversight, has done extensive sampling in these residential neighborhoods.  The remediation plan in these neighborhoods is to remove up to two foot of ash contaminated soil, backfill with clean soil, and the areas will be revegetated and relandscaped.

To conduct the residential soil cleanup, the City of Jacksonville needs your help in the form of signing an access agreement. The access agreement gives the City and their contractors permission to come onto your property, sample the soil if necessary, and remove contaminated soil.  Before the remediation begins, a representative of the city will talk to you about how you would like your property to look after the remediation.  You can choose to keep certain trees and bushes, and a remediation plan can be developed.       

Now let’s go on to our next site.  This is the Forest Street Site, location of the former Forest Street Incinerator to my left.  And behind me, the now closed Forest Park Head Start School.  Sampling of the Park, commercial and residential properties surrounding started in 2000. Remediation plans for the Park, commercial properties, and several hundred residential properties include removal of up to two foot of ash contaminated soil, backfilling with clean soil, and revegetation and relandscaping of the area.  Revitalization of the area has already begun with the remediation and building of the Animal Care and Preventive Center across the street.          
For more information on the Jacksonville Ash remediation, you can contact the City of Jacksonville at the Project New Ground Information Center at 904 357 8077.  Or you can visit their website at www.projectnewground.org

Or you can contact US Environmental Protection Agency at 1 800 435 9234.

Thank you.


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