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J Street

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Site Summary Profile
EPA ID: NCD981027915
Location: Erwin, Harnett County, NC
Congressional District: 02
NPL Status: Non NPL
Affected Media: Soil
Cleanup Status: Physical cleanup activities, through removal actions, are complete
Site Reuse/Redevelopment:
Site Manager: Beverly Stepter (stepter.beverly@epa.gov)

Site Background

The J Street site is located in Harnett County, North Carolina. The J Street site was originally owned by Erwin Mills. Erwin Mills began textile manufacturing in around 1890.  The site is now separated into several parcels and is currently owned by multiple parties. Burlington Industries bought the textile manufacturing facility near the site and manufactured denim fabrics. Evidence suggested the site was used as a landfill by municipal and/or private parties. EPA also believes that fabric dye wastewater and coal boiler fly ash wastewater from the site may have flowed into a stream.

This site was addressed as a Non-Time Critical Removal Action site.

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Threats and Contaminants

Prior to cleanup, contamination was identified in site soils. The possible cancer risks from exposure to contaminated soils exceeded EPA's acceptable levels.

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Site Cleanup Plan

From 1995-1998, an Environmental Engineering/Cost Analysis (EE/CA) was conducted to determine actual contamination and contaminant concentrations in soils, ground water, surface waters and sediments. Unacceptable risks were identified in contaminated soils.

Originally, EPA selected a cleanup approach for the site that called for on-site stabilization of contaminated soils, a process which changes contaminants so they become less harmful or less mobile. The cleanup approach also called for installation of a 12-inch cap. EPA later selected a modified cleanup approach involving excavation of contaminated soil, disposal of contaminated soil off site, and stabilization of the excavated area. EPA determined that this alternative approach provided an equally permanent, protective solution with added benefits that the site would be usable to affected property owners and the community following cleanup.

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Cleanup Progress

A Non-Time Critical Removal Action was completed in January 2003. A total of 3,326.92 tons or 142 truck loads of contaminated soil was removed. A final walkthrough was conducted by EPA in March 2003. A Non-Time Critical Removal Completion Report dated September 14, 2004, was prepared by Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp. EPA and the State of North Carolina approved the Removal Completion Report, prepared by Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp., in November 2004.

Cleanup of the J Street site has been completed, therefore no further updates are required.

Site cleanup activities were led primarily by potentially responsible parties (PRPs) with oversight by EPA.

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Enforcement Activities

In 2003, EPA issued a Unilateral Administrative Order (UAO) to two PRPs – Swift Industries and Burlington Industries – to conduct the EE/CA and Non-Time Critical Removal Action.

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Community Involvement

EPA has conducted a range of community involvement activities at the J Street site to solicit community input and to ensure that the public remains informed about site activities throughout the site cleanup process. Outreach activities have included public notices and information meetings on cleanup progress and activities.

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Future Work

No further action is planned for this site. No further updates are required.

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Site Administrative Documents

Site Repository

For more information or to view any site-related documents, please visit the site information repository at the following location. As new documents are generated, they will be placed in the information repository for public information.

Erwin Public Library
110 West F. Street
Erwin, NC 28339

For documents not available on the website, please contact the Region 4 Freedom of Information Office.

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