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Superfund Sites

National Information
“ER” indicates an emergency response action
“Removal” indicates a site which is a completed or ongoing time critical removal response action

On this page, you will find a listing Superfund sites within Region 4. The page contains sites on the National Priority List (NPL), sites using the Superfund Alternative approach, and sites addressed by our Emergency Response and Removal Program. Select a site name and you will go to the Site Summary page which will provide you with location data, EPA ID number, NPL status, administrative record indexes, site repository, and other information. Superfund profiles for all NPL sites are available through the CERCLIS database. Cleanups in My Community is a mapping and listing tool that shows sites where pollution is being or has been cleaned up throughout the United States. It maps, lists and provides cleanup progress profiles for sites, facilities and properties that have been contaminated by hazardous materials and are being, or have been, cleaned up under EPA's Superfund, RCRA and/or Brownfields programs.

Florida | Georgia | Kentucky |  Mississippi | North Carolina | South Carolina | Tennessee

Alabama Army Ammunition Plant FINAL hazen.hugh@epa.gov
Anniston Army Depot FINAL goldberg.patricia@epa.gov
Anniston PCB Site SUPERFUND ALTERNATIVE scully.pam@epa.gov
American Brass FINAL farrier.brian@epa.gov
Alabama Plating Company PROPOSED miller.scott@epa.gov
Biological Processors REMOVAL spurlin.steve@epa.gov
Capital City Plume PROPOSED miller.scott@epa.gov
Ciba-Geigy Corp. FINAL king.charlesl@epa.gov
Interstate Lead Company (ILCO) FINAL king.charlesl@epa.gov
Mowbray Engineering DELETED spalvins.erik@epa.gov
Olin Corp. FINAL walden.beth@epa.gov
Perdido Groundwater FINAL cox.deborah@epa.gov
Redstone Arsenal FINAL thornton.michelle@epa.gov
Redwing Carriers FINAL johnston.shelby@epa.gov
Stauffer- Cold Creek FINAL cox.deborah@epa.gov
Stauffer- Lemoyne FINAL cox.deborah@epa.gov
T. H. Agriculture FINAL farrier.brian@epa.gov
Triana/Tennessee Valley FINAL farrier.brian@epa.gov

Alabama | Georgia | Kentucky | Mississippi | North Carolina | South Carolina | Tennessee
Agrico Chemical FINAL miller.scott@epa.gov
Airco Plating FINAL thorpe.peter@epa.gov
Alaric Area Groundwater Plume FINAL jackson.brad@epa.gov
Alpha Chemical DELETED cox.deborah@epa.gov
American Creosote - Pensacola FINAL thorpe.peter@epa.gov
Anaconda Aluminum DELETED denman.bill@epa.gov
Anodyne, Inc. FINAL taylor.michael@epa.gov
Arkla Terra Property FINAL walden.beth@epa.gov
B&B Chemical Company FINAL johnston.shelby@epa.gov
Beulah Landfill DELETED spalvins.erik@epa.gov
BMI-Textron DELETED denman.bill@epa.gov
Brown Wood Preserving DELETED kestle.rusty@epa.gov
Brown's Dump SUPERFUND ALTERNATIVE alfano.joe@epa.gov
Cabot-Koppers FINAL miller.scott@epa.gov
Callaway & Son Drums DELETED jackson.galo@epa.gov
Cascade Park Gasification Plant/LF SUPERFUND ALTERNATIVE spalvins.erik@epa.gov
Cecil Field NAS FINAL fraley.gregory@epa.gov
Chemform, Inc. DELETED wendel.jenifer@epa.gov
Chevron Chemical (Ortho) FINAL matory.derek@epa.gov
City Industries FINAL thorpe.peter@epa.gov
Coleman Evans FINAL kestle.rusty@epa.gov
Continental Cleaners FINAL alfano.barbara@epa.gov
Coronet Industries SUPERFUND ALTERNATIVE jackson.brad@epa.gov
Davie Landfill DELETED denman.bill@epa.gov
Dubose Oil DELETED martin.scott@epa.gov
Escambia Wood Preserving FINAL spalvins.erik@epa.gov
Fairfax St. Wood Treaters FINAL amoroso.cathy@epa.gov
Flash Cleaners FINAL alfano.barbara@epa.gov
Florida Petroleum Reprocessors FINAL jackson.brad@epa.gov
Florida Steel FINAL denman.bill@epa.gov
General Dynamics FINAL kestle.rusty@epa.gov
Gold Coast Oil DELETED denman.bill@epa.gov
Harris Corp. (Palm Bay) FINAL taylor.michael@epa.gov
Helena Chemical Co. (Tampa) FINAL jackson.galo@epa.gov
Hipps Road Landfill FINAL miller.scott@epa.gov
Hollingsworth Solderless FINAL jackson.galo@epa.gov
Homestead Air Force Base FINAL benedikt.craig@epa.gov
ITT Thompson Industries SUPERFUND ALTERNATIVE spalvins.erik@epa.gov
JJ Seifert Machine FINAL jackson.brad@epa.gov
Jacksonville Ash SUPERFUND ALTERNATIVE alfano.joe@epa.gov
Jacksonville Naval Air Station FINAL dao.peter@epa.gov
Kassouf-Kimerling DELETED alfano.joe@epa.gov
Kerr-Mcgee Chemical, LLC FINAL joseph.robenson@epa.gov
Landia Chemical FINAL denman.bill@epa.gov
Madison County Landfill FINAL alfano.joe@epa.gov
Miami Drum FINAL matory.derek@epa.gov
MRI Corp. FINAL scully.pam@epa.gov
Munisport Landfill DELETED jackson.brad@epa.gov
Nocatee-Hull Creosote SUPERFUND ALTERNATIVE matory.derek@epa.gov
Normandy Park Apartments PROPOSED denman.bill@epa.gov
NW 58th Street Landfill DELETED scully.pam@epa.gov
Orlando Gas SUPERFUND ALTERNATIVE joseph.robenson@epa.gov
Parramore Surplus DELETED lane.brenda@epa.gov
Peak Oil/Bay Drum FINAL martin.scott@epa.gov
Pensacola Naval Air Station FINAL corkran.julie@epa.gov
Pepper Steel FINAL matory.derek@epa.gov
Petroleum Products FINAL taylor.michael@epa.gov
Pickettville Road Landfill FINAL martin.scott@epa.gov
Pioneer Sand DELETED thorpe.peter@epa.gov
Piper Aircraft FINAL johnston.shelby@epa.gov
Raleigh Street Dump FINAL taylor.michael@epa.gov
Reeves Southeastern FINAL martin.scott@epa.gov
Sanford Dry Cleaners FINAL joseph.robenson@epa.gov
Sanford Gasification Plant SUPERFUND ALTERNATIVE johnston.shelby@epa.gov
Schuylkill Metals DELETED jackson.galo@epa.gov
St. Augustine Gas SUPERFUND ALTERNATIVE joseph.robenson@epa.gov
Sapp Battery FINAL spalvins.erik@epa.gov
Sherwood Medical FINAL kestle.rusty@epa.gov
62nd Street Dump DELETED alfano.joe@epa.gov
Solitron Devices SUPERFUND ALTERNATIVE denman.bill@epa.gov
Solitron Microwave FINAL denman.bill@epa.gov
Southern Solvents FINAL jackson.brad@epa.gov
Sprague Electric SUPERFUND ALTERNATIVE kestle.rusty@epa.gov
Standard Auto Bumper DELETED taylor.michael@epa.gov
Stauffer Chemical- Tarpon Springs FINAL bryant.randy@epa.gov
Stauffer Chemical- Tampa FINAL taylor.michael@epa.gov
Sydney Mine Sludge Ponds FINAL johnston.shelby@epa.gov
Taylor Road Landfill FINAL spalvins.erik@epa.gov
Tower Chemical FINAL johnston.shelby@epa.gov
Trans Circuit FINAL denman.bill@epa.gov
Tri-City Oil Conservationist DELETED lane.brenda@epa.gov
Tyndall Air Force Base FINAL corkran.julie@epa.gov
United Metals, Inc. FINAL alfano.joe@epa.gov
Varsol Oil Spill DELETED lane.brenda@epa.gov
West Florida Natural Gas SUPERFUND ALTERNATIVE joseph.robenson@epa.gov
Whitehouse Waste Oil Pits FINAL kestle.rusty@epa.gov
Whiting Field Naval Air Station FINAL benedikt.craig@epa.gov
Wilson Concepts DELETED denman.bill@epa.gov
Wingate Road FINAL scully.pam@epa.gov
Woodbury Chemical DELETED denman.bill@epa.gov
Yellow Water Road DELETED thorpe.peter@epa.gov
Zellwood Groundwater FINAL matory.derek@epa.gov

Alabama | Florida | Kentucky | Mississippi | North Carolina | South Carolina | Tennessee
Alternate Energy Resources FINAL bennett.giezelle@epa.gov
Armstrong World Industries FINAL farrier.brian@epa.gov
Brunswick Wood Preserving FINAL farrier.brian@epa.gov
Camilla Wood Treating FINAL miller.scott@epa.gov
Cedartown Industries DELETED farrier.brian@epa.gov
Cedartown Landfill DELETED farrier.brian@epa.gov
Diamond Shamrock FINAL king.charlesl@epa.gov
Firestone Tire FINAL king.charlesl@epa.gov
Hercules 009 Landfill FINAL martin.scott@epa.gov
LCP Chemical FINAL jackson.galo@epa.gov
Luminous Processors DELETED denman.bill@epa.gov
Macon Naval Ordinance Plant PROPOSED farrier.brian@epa.gov
Marine Corps Logistics Base FINAL berry.martha@epa.gov
Marzone/Chevron FINAL joseph.robenson@epa.gov
Mathis Bros. FINAL king.charlesl@epa.gov
Monsanto/Augusta Plant DELETED joseph.robenson@epa.gov
Peach Orchard Road PCE Ground Water Plume FINAL bennett.giezelle@epa.gov
Powersville DELETED farrier.brian@epa.gov
Robins Air Force Base FINAL berry.martha@epa.gov
T.H. Agriculture FINAL matory.derek@epa.gov
Terry Creek Dredge Spoil PROPOSED martin.scott@epa.gov
Woolfolk Chemical FINAL king.charlesl@epa.gov

Alabama  | Florida | Georgia | Mississippi | North Carolina | South Carolina | Tennessee
A.L. Taylor DELETED jones.yvonneo@epa.gov
Airco FINAL jackson.brad@epa.gov
B.F. Goodrich FINAL jackson.brad@epa.gov
Brantley Landfill FINAL cox.deborah@epa.gov
Caldwell Lace FINAL walden.beth@epa.gov
Distler Brickyard FINAL townsend.michael@epa.gov
Distler Farm FINAL townsend.michael@epa.gov
Fort Hartford Coal FINAL cox.deborah@epa.gov
General Tire DELETED young.nestor@epa.gov
Green River Disposal FINAL jones.yvonneo@epa.gov
Howe Valley DELETED young.nestor@epa.gov
Lee's Lane DELETED seadler.donna@epa.gov
Maxey Flats FINAL scully.pam@epa.gov
National Electric FINAL newman.keriema@epa.gov
National Southwire FINAL townsend.michael@epa.gov
Newport Dump DELETED joyner.william@epa.gov
Paducah Gaseous Diffusion FINAL ballard.turpin@epa.gov
Red Penn DELETED walden.beth@epa.gov
Smith's Farm FINAL amoroso.cathy@epa.gov
Tri-City FINAL joyner.william@epa.gov

Alabama | Florida | Georgia | Kentucky | North Carolina | South Carolina | Tennessee
American Creosote Works FINAL taylor.michael@epa.gov
Chemfax PROPOSED farrier.brian@epa.gov
Davis Timber Company FINAL martin.scott@epa.gov
Flowood DELETED matory.derek@epa.gov
Kerr McGee Chemical Corp - Columbus FINAL king.charlesl@epa.gov
Newsom Bros./Old Reichold DELETED callihan.carolyn@epa.gov
Picayune Wood Treating FINAL taylor.michael@epa.gov
Red Panther Chemical Company FINAL matory.derek@epa.gov
Southeastern Wood Preserving FINAL johnston.shelby@epa.gov
Sonford Products FINAL newman.keriema@epa.gov
Walcotte Chemical DELETED matory.derek@epa.gov

Alabama | Florida | Georgia | Kentucky | Mississippi | South Carolina | Tennessee
ABC One Hour Cleaners FINAL


Aberdeen Contaminated Ground Water FINAL bornholm.jon@epa.gov
Aberdeen Pesticide (OU 1&4)
Aberdeen Pesticide (OU 5)
Aberdeen Pesticide (OU 3)
Barber Orchard FINAL bornholm.jon@epa.gov
Battery Tech/Duracell SUPERFUND ALTERNATIVE mallary.ken@epa.gov
Benfield FINAL bornholm.jon@epa.gov
Blue Ridge Plating FINAL bornholm.jon@epa.gov
Bypass 601 FINAL bennett.giezelle@epa.gov
Camp Lejeune FINAL townsend.gena@epa.gov
Cape Fear Wood Preserving FINAL thornton.hilaryn@epa.gov
Carolina Transformer FINAL thornton.hilary@epa.gov
Celanese FINAL mallary.ken@epa.gov
Charles Macon Lagoon FINAL bennett.giezelle@epa.gov
Chemtronics FINAL bornholm.jon@epa.gov
Cherry Point Marine Air Station FINAL townsend.gena@epa.gov
CTS-Mills Gap FINAL zeller.craig@epa.gov
Davis Park Road TCE FINAL wendel.jennifer@epa.gov
Ecusta Mill SUPERFUND ALTERNATIVE wendel.jennifer@epa.gov
Estech General Chemical CLEANUP - OTHER mallary.ken@epa.gov
FCX-Statesville FINAL mallary.ken@epa.gov
FCX-Washington FINAL joyner.william@epa.gov
Flanders Filters SUPERFUND ALTERNATIVE bornholm.jon@epa.gov
GMH Electronics
Formerly known as Halifax
FINAL hendrix.corey@epa.gov 
Geigy Chemical FINAL bornholm.jon@epa.gov
General Electric/Shepherd Farm FINAL townsend.michael@epa.gov
Georgia-Pacific Hardwood REMOVED mallary.ken@epa.gov
Gurley Pesticide Burial SUPERFUND ALTERNATIVE bryant.randy@epa.gov
Hemphill Road TCE FINAL callihan.carolyn@epa.gov
Holcomb Creosote Co. FINAL alfano.joe@epa.gov
HoltraChem REMOVAL urquhart-foster.samantha@epa.gov
Horton Iron and Metal FINAL thorpe.peter@epa.gov
J-Street   stepter.beverly@epa.gov
JFD/Channel Master FINAL callihan.carolyn@epa.gov
Jadco-Hughes FINAL townsend.michael@epa.gov
Kerr-McGee FINAL spalvins.erik@epa.gov
Koppers FINAL stepter.beverly@epa.gov
Martin-Marietta/Sodyeco FINAL townsend.michael@epa.gov
N.C. State FINAL townsend.michael@epa.gov
National Starch FINAL bornholm.jon@epa.gov
New Hanover FINAL stepter.beverly@epa.gov
North Belmont PCE FINAL townsend.michael@epa.gov
Northeast Chemical CLEANUP - OTHER mallary.ken@epa.gov
Ore Knob FINAL carr.loften@epa.gov
PCB Spills DELETED bledsoe.donna@epa.gov
Potter's Pits FINAL stepter.beverly@epa.gov
Ram Leather FINAL stepter.beverly@epa.gov
Reasor Chemical Company FINAL urquhart-foster.samantha@epa.gov
Sigmons Septic Tank FINAL stepter.beverly@epa.gov
Ward Transformer FINAL thornton.hilary@epa.gov
Weyerhaeuser Company Plymouth Wood Treating Plant SUPERFUND ALTERNATIVE bryant.randy@epa.gov
Wright Chemical FINAL amoroso.cathy@epa.gov

Alabama | Florida | Georgia | Kentucky | Mississippi | North Carolina | Tennessee
Admiral Home Appliances SUPERFUND ALTERNATIVE bryant.randy@epa.gov
Aquatech FINAL jones.yvonneo@epa.gov
Arkwright Dump CLEANUP - OTHER jones.yvonneo@epa.gov
Atlantic Phosphate CLEANUP - OTHER mallary.ken@epa.gov
Barite Hills/Nevada Goldfields FINAL teichert.candice@epa.gov
Beaunit FINAL joyner.william@epa.gov
Brewer Gold Mine FINAL carr.loften@epa.gov
Calhoun Park SUPERFUND ALTERNATIVE mallary.ken@epa.gov
Carolawn (OU-1, 2) FINAL jones.yvonneo@epa.gov
Columbia Nitrogen CLEANUP - OTHER mallary.ken@epa.gov
Elmore Waste Disposal FINAL mallary.ken@epa.gov
Geiger (C&M Oil) OU-1,2) FINAL joyner.william@epa.gov
Golden Strip Septic Tank DELETED zeller.craig@epa.gov
Helena Chemical FINAL teichert.candice@epa.gov
Henry's Knob General Chemical SUPERFUND ALTERNATIVE


IMC SUPERFUND ALTERNATIVE bennett.giezelle@epa.gov 
Independent Nail (OU-1,2) DELETED bledsoe.donna@epa.gov
Kalama Specialty Chemicals FINAL teichert.candice@epa.gov
Koppers/Charleston FINAL zeller.craig@epa.gov
Koppers/Florence FINAL jones.yvonneo@epa.gov
Leonard Chemical FINAL cox.deborah@epa.gov
Lexington County Landfill FINAL jones.yvonneo@epa.gov
Lyman Dyeing & Finishing SUPERFUND ALTERNATIVE jones.yvonneo@epa.gov
Macalloy FINAL zeller.craig@epa.gov
Medley Farm Drum Dump FINAL howard.ralph@epa.gov
Palmetto Recycling DELETED jones.yvonneo@epa.gov
Palmetto Wood Preserving (OU-1,2) FINAL bennett.giezelle@epa.gov
Para-Chem Southern FINAL amoroso.cathy@epa.gov
Parris Island USMC Depot FINAL koroma-llamas.lila@epa.gov
Rochester Property DELETED seadler.donna@epa.gov
Rock Hill Chemical FINAL townsend.michael@epa.gov
SCRDI Bluff Road FINAL jones.yvonneo@epa.gov
SCRDI Dixiana FINAL jones.yvonneo@epa.gov
Sangamo FINAL zeller.craig@epa.gov
Savannah River Site (USDOE) FINAL pope.robert@epa.gov
Shuron, Inc. FINAL thornton.hilary@epa.gov
Stono Phosphate CLEANUP - OTHER mallary.ken@epa.gov
Swift Agri-Chem CLEANUP - OTHER mallary.ken@epa.gov
Townsend Saw Chain FINAL miller.scott@epa.gov
US Finishing/Cone Mills FINAL martin.scott@epa.gov
Wamchem FINAL townsend.michael@epa.gov

Alabama | Florida | Georgia | Kentucky | Mississippi | North Carolina | South Carolina


Alamo Contaminated GW FINAL nolen.john@epa.gov
American Creosote FINAL jackson.brad@epa.gov
Amnicola Dump DELETED jones.yvonneo@epa.gov
Arlington Blending FINAL newman.keriema@epa.gov
Carrier FINAL bryant.randy@epa.gov
Chemet DELETED newman.keriema@epa.gov
Copper Basin SUPERFUND ALTERNATIVE carr.loften@epa.gov
Gallaway Pits DELETED joyner.william@epa.gov
ICG Iselin Railroad Yard DELETED nolen.john@epa.gov
Illinois Central R.R. (Johnston Yard) SUPERFUND ALTERNATIVE bryant.randy@epa.gov
Lewisburg DELETED jones.yvonneo@epa.gov
Mallory Capacitor FINAL carr.loften@epa.gov
Memphis Defense Depot FINAL ballard.turpin@epa.gov
Milan Army Ammunition FINAL spariosu.dann@epa.gov
Murray-Ohio FINAL jones.yvonneo@epa.gov
National Fireworks SUPERFUND ALTERNATIVE newman.keriema@epa.gov
North Hollywood DELETED bryant.randy@epa.gov
Oakridge Reservation (DOE) FINAL crane.jeff@epa.gov
Ross Metals FINAL walden.beth@epa.gov
Sixty One Industrial SUPREFUND ALTERNATIVE townsend.michael@epa.gov
Smalley-Piper FINAL bryant.randy@epa.gov
Smokey Mountain Smelters FINAL kestle.rusty@epa.gov
Tennessee Products FINAL zeller.craig@epa.gov
Walker Machine Products FINAL bryant.randy@epa.gov
Velsicol FINAL nolen.john@epa.gov
Wrigley Charcoal FINAL teichert.candice@epa.gov
TVA Kingston Fly Ash REMOVAL francendese.leo@epa.gov

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