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Mission Statement: The Southeast Natural Resource Leaders Group (SENRLG) is a collaboration of regional Federal executives who lead agencies with natural resource conservation responsibilities in the southeastern United States. SENRLG is committed to the common purpose of fulfilling agency mandates in ways that promote conservation and restoration of important natural resources; wise management and sound stewardship of natural, biological and cultural resources; and ecologically sustainable development.

Goals: The goals of the SENRLG Partnership may be summarized as follows:

Guiding Principles: The following principles will guide our collective efforts and agency-to-agency relationships at all levels. We will:

Organization and Operations

Membership: Principals are Federal executives who head their respective agencies’ regional offices in the Southeast. Their agencies have natural resource conservation as a part of their missions. Membership is documented in an Interagency Cooperative Agreement, which also establishes appropriate mechanisms to support cooperative interagency initiatives.

Each member agency is represented by its signatory regional executive (Principal). The Cooperative Agreement may be updated as necessary to reflect changes in Principals, the addition of new members, or other appropriate adjustments. The SENRLG operates with a rotating Chair, selected annually from among the members.  


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