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UST Contact Information and Resources

For emergencies and other sudden threats to public health, such as: oil and/or chemical spills, radiation emergencies, and biological discharges, call the National Response Center at 1-800-424-8802

State and Tribal Contact Information             

Alabama Dept. of Environmental Management (334) 270-5655
Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection(850) 245-7555
Georgia Environmental Protection Division(404) 362-2687
Kentucky Dept. for Environmental Protection(502) 564-5981
Mississippi Dept. of Environmental Quality(601) 961-5282
North Carolina Dept. of Environment
and Natural Resources
(919) 733-8486
South Carolina Dept. of Health
and Environmental Control
(803) 896-7957
Tennessee Dept. of Environment and Conservation(615) 532-0945
Tribal Nations - Contact the local tribal authority
or US EPA Region 4 UST Section
(404) 562-9457
For other UST questions about federal regulations, contact
US EPA Region 4 UST Section
(404) 562-9457


This video and DVD is a work product of the Conference of Southern County Associations (CSCA), revised to a web site by US Environmental Protection Agency, Region 4 (US EPA R4). CSCA is a non-profit organization representing 15 states, over 1381 counties and thousands of local government officials throughout the southeastern United States. The facilities portrayed on this website are not representative of every type of facility owned or operated by state and local governments. This product has been reviewed by US EPA; however, the work product contents and recommendations represented the views of the participants and interviewees and do not necessarily represent the views of US EPA. Mention of trade names of commercial products does not constitute a recommended use or endorsement by US EPA.

For information about the contents of this page, please contact Mallory Miller.

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