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Manure Plot Research Design

National Agriculture Information


cut off walls
Manure plot tanks

Cutoff walls, Coshocton Wheel samplers (top photo), and runoff storage tanks for manure plots at the NAEW (bottom photo). (Photos courtesy USDA/ARS)

The objective is to compare environmental impacts of surface-applied manure in winter (frozen ground) vs spring application.
Six plots: 300 ft or 400 ft x 40 ft
Location: USDA-ARS, North Appalachian Experimental Watershed (NAEW), Coshocton, Ohio.

Four plots will receive manure on frozen ground at a rate of 10 tons per acre of a slurry-type from a beef feedlot:

Two control plots will receive no manure.
Manure will be applied on frozen ground during December to February.
Quality and quantity of runoff water will be measured.

Runoff samples will be analyzed for:

Four small, continuous corn watersheds (< 2 acres) will receive winter application of manure, applied at the N rate for corn.

This project is to be conducted in cooperation with US EPA (Office of Research and Development, Cincinnati, and Region 5, Chicago)

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