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2011 State Nutrient Reduction Workshop

June 13-15, 2011


Presentations from the State Nutrient Reduction Workshop and Webcast Series






National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the Mississippi River (PDF) (13pp, 742K) - Don Waage

Managing Nutrients to the Gulf (PDF) (48pp, 3.8MB) - Tom Davenport

The Scientific Axioms of Solving Water Quality Problems (PDF) (27pp, 1.5MB) - Pete Nowak

When Nutrients Run Amuck - The Grand Lake Dilemma (PDF) (26pp, 2.6MB) - Russ Gibson

Managing Agricultural Nutrients: State-Level Effort (PDF) (14pp, 718K) - Jerod Chew

Distressed Watershed Rules (PDF) (15pp, 2.3MB) - Rob Hamilton

Kentucky Agriculture Water Quality Act: Highlights and Successes (PDF) (15pp, 2.3MB) - Steve Coleman

Wisconsin's Performance Standard for Agriculture: NR 151 (PDF) (11pp, 398K) - Andrew Craig

CP 39 Work Planning for Minnesota (PDF) (14pp, 595K) - Wayne Anderson

Improving Nutrient Management and Water Quality through Farmer Engagement: The Watershed Council Model (PDF) (19pp, 1.3MB) - Chad Ingels

Best Management Practices & Technologies for Addressing Nutrient Management (PDF) (30pp, 3.0MB) - Dr. Harold F. Reetz, Jr.

Two-Stage Ditch Design: Helping Nature Improve the Function of Agricultural Drainage Ditches (PDF) (17pp, 3.1MB) - Larry Clemens

Section 1619 of the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act (PDF) (17pp, 43K) - John Wilson

Establishing a Baseline--Why and How (PDF) (13pp, 130K) - Dan Dudley

Measuring Indicators of Progress (PDF) (16pp, 1.6MB) - Jerod Chew

Interim Water Quality Goals and Measures (PDF) (23pp, 436K) - Tom Davenport

Nutrient Trading Marketplace: What's Getting in the Way? (PDF) (16pp, 589K) Mark Gibson

Partnerships for Nutrient Management & Conservation (PDF) (18pp, 1.7MB) - Karen Scanlon

The Right Time for Nutrient Stewardship is Right Now: Engaging with the Fertilizer Industry (PDF) (13pp, 546K) - Lara Moody

Involving the Growers (PDF) (33pp, 1.9MB) - Tracy Blackmer

Soil and Water Conservation Society (PDF) (14pp, 420K) - Jim Gulliford

University of Wisconsin-Platteville Pioneer Farm (PDF) (12pp, 951K) - Dennis Busch

When to monitor or model for program evaluation in your watershed (PDF) (103pp, 2.6MB) - Steven Dressing

Voluntary and Regulatory Approaches to Reducing Nutrients: Lessons Learned from the Mississippi River Basin and the Chesapeake Bay (PDF) (35pp, 1.1MB) - Michelle Perez

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