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2012 State Nutrient Reduction Strategies Web Series

How to attend the webinars

EPA is using Adobe Connect for these webinars. You do not need to register in advance (in fact, you can't register in advance).

Follow this link and choose "Enter as a Guest".
You'll be prompted to enter your name and then Enter Room to join the webinar.

If you have never attended an Adobe Connect meeting before, test your connection first.

Cyd Curtis (curtis.cynthia@epa.gov)

Presentations from the State Nutrient Reduction Workshop and Webcast Series




2012 Webinar Schedule

Feb. 29, 2012
Russ Gibson, Ohio EPA

Building a foundation for meaningful nutrient reduction in Ohio's waters (PDF) (18pp, 800K) February 2012

The latest efforts in the Ohio Nutrient Strategy and the challenges of moving into implementation.

April 11, 2012
Michelle Perez, World Resource Institute

Does Regulating Farmers Work? Lessons from Three Chesapeake Bay State Nutrient Management Laws (PDF) (51pp, 1.7MB) April 2012
Abstract, speaker bio and presentation

Highlights from her dissertation: "Does the policy-making process affect farmer compliance? A three-state case study of nutrient management regulations" and lessons learned about regulating nonpoint source agricultural nutrient pollution.

In 1997, a series of fish kills were linked to the toxic micro-organism Pfiesteria piscicida. In response, Maryland, Virginia and Delaware enacted state laws requiring farmers to obtain and follow a nutrient management plan. To find out how well farmers were following their plans and whether the policy process affected their willingness to comply, Michelle interviewed 60 farmers on the Delmarva Peninsula who grew corn and used poultry manure as a fertilizer. She also interviewed over 60 policy stakeholders and evaluated eight years of compliance data from the state regulatory agencies.

May 23, 2012
Dale Robertson & Faith Fitzpatrick, USGS

Importance of Hydrologic and Spatial Variability for Determining Nutrient Loadings to Agricultural Streams in the Midwest US

Authors: Faith Fitzpatrick, Todd Stuntebeck, Matt Komiskey, Rebecca Carvin, Dale Robertson - USGS, Laura Ward Good -- University of Wisconsin-Madison Soils Department, Robert Hansis -- WI DNR (retired) Faith Fitzpatrick, Research Hydrologist, Fluvial Geomorphology, USGS

June 26, 2012
Jane Hardisty, Indiana State Conservationist, NRCS

Soil health through conservation cropping systems (PDF) (22pp, 2.3MB) June 2012

Sept. 19, 2012

Rebecca Power, Co-Director - Great Lakes Regional Water Program
University of Wisconsin-Extension Environmental Resources Center

Development and Implementation of State Level Nutrient Reduction Strategies: The Value of Social and Economic Data (PDF) (25p 1.1MB)

2011 Hewitt Creek Performance-Based Farm and Watershed Environmental Management Program (PDF) (1p 38K)

Oct. 31, 2012

Two Stage Ditches (PDF) (39p 2.1MB)

Carrie Vollmer-Sanders, The Nature Conservancy
Dr. Jennifer Tank, University of Notre Dame
Matt Williams, The Nature Conservancy
Dec. 12, 2012
Karen Scanlon, Conservation Technology Information Center
Laura Beal Moody, The Fertilizer Institute

Implementing the 4Rs: Engagement, Resources and Examples (PDF) (40p 4.1MB)

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