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Operating Permits

Title V Operating Permit Program
Title V operating permits are required for all major sources of air pollution (both new and existing facilities). Title V permits include all Clean Air Act requirements for a source in a single, federally enforceable document. The U.S. EPA rules covering the Title V program are located in 40 CFR Part 70.

Title V Basic Facts (link to OAQPS website)

Region 5 Information:
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FESOP Permit Programs

FESOP Program Approvals (Federal Register Notices)

Many States have developed State operating permit programs that are enforceable by U.S. EPA and would allow sources to limit their air emissions to below the Title V threshold levels. Such programs are commonly called a Federally Enforceable State Operating Permit programs, or a FESOP programs. A FESOP permit will be less complex than a Title V permit, so many sources may opt to obtain a FESOP to limit their emissions and not be subject to the Title V program.

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