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July 30, 2003 Field Update

July 30, 2003

Construction is Nearly Complete on the Second In-Situ Vapor Extraction System at ACS

A primary remedial treatment at the American Chemical Service (ACS) NPL Site is the In-Situ Vapor Extraction (ISVE) of organic compounds from the contaminated soils. Two complete ISVE systems are being installed at the site, one to treat the "off-site area" and one to treat soil inside the operating ACS facility. The off-site area ISVE system was completed in April 2002 and it has been actively remediating the site for the past year (see Field Update 14).

During that time, construction continued on the second ISVE system designed to treat soils inside the ACS facility. Each of the two systems consists of 40 to 50 extraction wells, a treatment system that destroys the organic contaminants, and a system of piping between extraction and treatment systems.

making final adjustments to thermal oxidation unit

The extracted organic vapors are destroyed by thermal oxidation. In the photo above, two engineers are shown making final adjustments to the new Therm-Ox #2 unit which was installed to treat vapors extracted from the soils within the ACS facility. The scrubbers for both ISVE systems are shown side-by-side in the photo to the left. In that photo, a sample is being collected from Scrubber 1. Scubber 2 stands to the right, ready for operation.

scrubbers for both ISVE systems

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