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May 7, 2004 Field Update

May 7, 2004

Most of the major remedial construction work was completed at the ACS NPL Site in Griffith, Indiana by the end of the 2003 construction season. The photo below shows the site last September, looking south across the on-site area. Field Update 15 and Field Update 19 show the same view in July 2002 and January 2003. The off-site ISVE system is visible in the distance on the left. Two MWH engineers are conferring outside the new on-site area blower shed. Several of the ISVE wells in the on-site area are visible in the foreground.

The photo below is a view of the inside of the new on-site area blower shed. It shows two MWH engineers taking the vacuum readings from one of the sampling ports on the header system

.on-site area blower shed

The on-site area ISVE system was brought on-line for testing in July 2003 and the focus for the past six months has been to fine tune the system to the site conditions and integrate it into the overall remedial treatment system. The on-site ISVE system consists of 21 dual phase extraction wells, 25 vapor extraction wells and six air sparge points. After testing is complete, these components will work together to lower the water table, extract mobile organic compounds, and enhance the natural biological degradation of compounds.

The extracted vapor is piped to the treatment plant (far right in topmost photo) where it is treated by a thermal oxidizer operating at approximately 1500 degrees F.

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