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Armco Hamilton

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Community Involvement Coordinator
Susan Pastor (pastor.susan@epa.gov)
312-353-1325 or 800-621-8431, ext. 31325

Remedial Project Manager
Stephanie Linebaugh (linebaugh.stephanie@epa.gov)
312-353-2315 or 800-621-8431, ext. 32315


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Lane Public Library
300 N. Third St.
Hamilton, OH

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An investigation is underway at the Armco Hamilton site in New Miami, Ohio. The investigation will identify the types and amounts of contamination in the soil, sediment (mud), surface water and ground water (underground water) on and near the former industrial site. To accomplish this, extensive sampling of the ground water, surface water, sediment (mud) and the site's former coke production area is being done.

Property owner AK Steel Corp. is doing the investigation under a legal agreement with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Information gathered by AK Steel will be detailed in a document called a remedial investigation report which is expected to be completed by November. In addition to areas on the Armco property, the investigation will include public and private water supplies and the nearby Great Miami River. AK Steel is also responsible for other studies due to EPA later this year called the human health and ecological risk assessments. As these studies are deemed final, they will be available to the public. (more...)

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Site Updates

November 2013

AK Steel is expected to complete additional soil and ground water (underground water supplies) sampling, according to EPA and Ohio EPA specifications, this winter and continue into spring 2014.  In addition, several documents including the human health risk assessment, ecological risk assessment, and remedial investigation report will be deemed final in summer 2014. All of the studies, funded by AK Steel, are necessary so the company will have the information it needs to see how far the PCB, PAH, and metals contamination may have spread.  They will also help determine if people and the environment have been affected. EPA and Ohio EPA will continue to oversee AK Steel's work.

The results of this ongoing investigation will identify the types and amounts of contamination in the soil, sediment (mud), surface water, and ground water on and near the former industrial site, coke production facility, and the Great Miami River shoreline.
Another important requirement called the feasibility study, which outlines possible cleanup options, is expected to be completed in late 2014. Before a decision on how to clean up the site is made, EPA will develop a "proposed plan" to explain its recommendations, hold a public comment period, and offer to host a public meeting in the New Miami/ Hamilton area.

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