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About the Cam-Or site

The 15-acre Cam-Or site is bordered by private homes to the east, by County Road 400 South to the north, an abandoned railroad easement and cultivated fields to the west, and SR2 to the south. The site is currently vacant, and a 6-foot high chain link fence surrounds the property to restrict access. It is located within an area designated as the West-Tech Redevelopment Area by the Westville Redevelopment Commission. Future use of the site has not yet been determined, but the commission is considering commercial redevelopment of the site and surrounding area.

Summary of site risks

People and wildlife that come in contact with soil at the site may face health risks, mainly from lead. There are many different health effects associated with lead exposure, including memory or concentration problems, nerve disorders, kidney damage, and learning disabilities and behavior problems in children. Small children or unborn babies are the most sensitive to lead exposure. People who are exposed to ground water lying underneath the site and nearby properties could experience harmful health effects from a range of chemicals including PCBs related to site activities.

History Timeline

See also the Site Description in the NPL Fact Sheet

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