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Soil Sampling - Summer 2005

In August 2005, EPA completed its most recent round of residential soil testing in the area near the CMC site. Approximately 600 properties were sampled. 540 of those properties are located in the area near the CMC property west of Hiawatha Boulevard (see the Sampling Map (PDF) (1 pg, 34 X 44 in.,1.6MB About PDF ).

Another sixty locations were sampled in grid spread over a mile radius around the site. The intent of these 60 sample locations is to help identify any other areas that may need further investigation. As results from this last round come in from the laboratory EPA will work to get the results out to the property owners as soon as we can.

If arsenic levels on a property are found above 95 parts per milion EPA will be contacting the property owners to discuss how and when cleanup work would begin. We want to make it clear that all of this work is being paid for by EPA. The property owner is not responsible for the cost of testing or cleanup. We hope to schedule a public meeting to discuss all of the results and our next steps in the next month or so.

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Yard / Lot Sampling Information

This map (see the Sampling Map (PDF) (1 pg, 34 X 44 in., 1.6MB About PDF ) shows the area we are planning to sample in the next round at the CMC Heartland Lite Yard/South Minneapolis Neighborhood Residential Soil Site. When sampling is completed within this area, the shallow soil in the front and back yard of every lot will have been sampled, if access is granted. A maximum of 541 lots will be sampled - 369 for the first time. The 172 lots that had partial sampling will be revisited to complete either the front or back yard sampling.

Letters to residents and landowners were sent mid-July 2005 highlighting sampling information and yard access agreements. Owners have the choice to grant or not to grant access.

EPA teams will go door to door just prior to sampling to give the citizens an updated sampling schedule. This round of sampling may start during the last week of July, however it is somewhat weather-dependent. Updated sampling schedule information will be posted at the site Information Repository.

Please note, additional sampling areas are being defined as more information becomes available. Once future sampling plans are developed, we will share the details with you through this web site and the site Information Repository.

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