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Additional Efforts Under Way to Address Landfill Problems

For more information

For more information about the ongoing work at the landfill, you may contact:

Mike Joyce
Community Involvement Coordinator
Superfund Division (mail code P-19J)
EPA Region 5
77 W. Jackson Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60604-3590
312-353-5546 or
800-621-8431, Ext. 35546
9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. weekdays

Kirk Norris
Director of Environmental Health
Stark County Health Department
3951 Convenience Circle N.W.
Canton, OH 44718
330-493-9904, Ext. 214

Caroline Markworth
Public Involvement Coordinator
Ohio EPA - Public Interest Center
50 W. Town St., Suite 700
Columbus, OH 43215

Greg Stein
Health Education Community Involvement
Bureau of Environmental Health
Health Assessment Section
Ohio Department of Health
246 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43215

Information Repositories

You may review site documents and other site information at:

Bolivar Branch Library
455 W. Water St.

Sandy Valley Branch Library
9754 Cleveland Ave. S.E.

Check out these Web sites for more information:

Countywide Landfill

Countywide Landfill Exit EPA Disclaimer

Countywide Recycling and Disposal Facility InformationExit EPA Disclaimer

Countywide Recycling and Disposal Facility Site
East Sparta, Ohio
December 2008

A significant part of the cleanup work being done at the Countywide Recycling and Disposal Facility has been completed, and a new project will begin later this month. Republic Services of Ohio II LLC has placed a temporary cover over 39 more acres of the landfill, expanded the gas extraction and monitoring system, and installed continuous air monitors.

This work has been done in accordance with a legal agreement between Republic, which operates the facility, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Republic performed all work under EPA oversight. The company will do more this winter to prevent the spread of the underground reaction currently affecting the landfill and the surrounding community.

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Isolation break

Republic plans to remove approximately 400,000 cubic yards of previously buried garbage and dig a V-shaped trench, called an isolation break, between landfill cells 5 and 7. The project will isolate cell 7, which has not been affected by the reaction, from cells 1 through 6, where the reaction is taking place.

Cells 1 through 6 will continue to be covered with temporary plastic liner to stop air and water from getting into the landfill and prevent gases and odors from escaping. In addition, gas and liquid extraction wells will continue operating to better control the reaction and odors.

The isolation break is needed because high temperatures have been detected by probes south of where the break will be dug. An October investigation concluded that the isolation break could be installed without significant impact on the community. Republic developed a detailed work plan, which EPA approved. Two large excavators will remove the garbage and large trucks will transport it to a nearby cell of the landfill for disposal.

While the project may cause additional odors in the community, EPA staff members will be on-site to ensure:

EPA asks for your continued patience during the isolation break construction project, which will begin in early December and should be completed by late spring.

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Air monitoring

EPA will continue to monitor gas emissions and odors. Five air monitors are in place around the landfill and Ohio EPA operates four air monitoring stations in the community. The monitors are designed to find out if high levels of contaminants -- particularly volatile organic compounds, known as VOCs -- are being released from the site into the surrounding community. VOCs are chemicals that evaporate easily and have been shown to be harmful to people. In addition, the monitors are helping EPA determine how well the air pollution control and cleanup methods are working.

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