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Eagle Zinc Superfund Site

Site Information
Contact Information

Community Involvement Coordinator
Teresa Jones (jones.teresa@epa.gov)
312-886-0725 or 800-621-8431, ext. 60725

Remedial Project Manager
Timothy Drexler


Hillsboro Public Library
214 School St.
Hillsboro, IL


The Eagle Zinc site is located in the city and township of Hillsboro, Illinois, Montgomery County. The 132-acre site is located in a commercial /industrial/residential area in northeast Hillsboro. The site extends from Smith road to the north of Middle Fork of Shoal Creek on the south. The site operated as a zinc smelter from 1912 to 2003. Other site operations included the production of sulfuric acid and zinc oxide.

Leftover material and contaminants from the manufacturing operations are concentrated in 15 piles, which are mainly located in the central and southern portions of the site. A large pond that formerly provided water for site operations is located in the southwest corner of the site. Buildings formerly used for manufacturing operation currently occupy 20 percent of the site. The site is currently zoned industrial by the city of Hillsboro and legal restrictions on the property limit future site use to industrial use. Local authorities have expressed interest in redeveloping the site.

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Site Updates

February 2015

Annotated aerial photo shows demolition progress at the site as of Mar. 17, 2015 (PDF)

Annotated aerial photo shows demolition progress at the site for Bldg. D as of Mar. 17, 2015 (PDF)

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Photo gallery of site activities - click on image to view.

The first phase of the cleanup of the Eagle Zinc site is underway. Demolition continues, as shown on the attached map. Demolition materials are being separated into asbestos-containing material (ACM), brick, steel, putrescible (decomposing materials) waste, construction debris, and other waste. All ACM and putrescible waste is being transported off-site for disposal. Most of the steel will be recycled. EPA’s contractor is looking for parties interested in site brick. Remaining debris will be placed into a temporary cell on site. See the Photo Gallery of site activities.

In January, ACM was removed from seven buildings at the site. Additional asbestos samples were collected from windows, electrical and ceiling panels, roofing materials from several other buildings on the site. Samples taken from the electrical panels and roofing materials tested positive for asbestos. All ACM materials will be removed from the site.

Air quality is being monitored during the demolition. To date there have been only minor and short term occurrences when dust levels exceeded acceptable limits at a site. Wetting methods are used to reduce dust levels.

The first phase is scheduled to be completed by May 2015. The community will be informed as updates become available.


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