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See also Allied Paper Landfill/Bryant Mill Pond Area, Kalamazoo, Mi (Kalamazoo County)

EPA has assumed responsibility for a Superfund cleanup on the Kalamazoo River. The Allied Paper Inc./Portage Creek/Kalamazoo River Superfund Site, referred to here as the Kalamazoo River Superfund Project, stretches 80-miles from Saugatuck on the west to about 10 miles east of Battle Creek, near Sunrise Heights.

map of Kalamazoo River project site (PDF) (1pg, 199K About PDF )

In February 2002, EPA took over as lead agency for the project at the request of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, which will continue to have a significant role in the appropriate cleanup.

The site includes five disposal areas, six paper mill properties, the Kalamazoo River, a tributary of Lake Michigan that flows northwest, and Portage Creek, a tributary of the Kalamazoo River that flows north. The project includes three miles of Portage Creek from Cork Street to where it joins with the Kalamazoo River; and from this confluence downstream to the Allegan Dam. Because PCBs have migrated downstream, the Superfund remedial investigation includes the area to the mouth of the Kalamazoo River at Lake Michigan, about 80 miles.

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