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EPA Testing for Methane Gas Found Near Mallard Lake Landfill

If you live in the current
area of investigation...

...and are interested in having your home tested for landfill gases or having a combustible gas indicator installed, contact:

Megan Hakes (bfi.hometesting@yahoo.com)
BFI Waste Systems
26W580 Schick Road
Hanover Park, IL 60133
Phone: 312-222-9299

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Mallard Lake Landfill Site
Hanover Park, IL
December 2007

Printable version: EPA Testing for Methane Gas Found Near Mallard Lake Landfill, December 2007 (PDF) (2pp, 142K)

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has requested BFI Waste Systems of North America Inc. to investigate methane gas discovered near the Mallard Lake Landfill. In October, methane gas was found in probes installed around the boundaries of the landfill. Methane gas was also discovered in soil at a testing location outside the landfill prompting the need for further investigation. In response to these findings, on Nov. 6-10, soil gas sampling was done in the rights-of-way and public spaces outside the western boundaries of the landfill for the presence of methane and for other gases. The results of this sampling showed the presence of high levels of methane in five locations about 40 feet below ground. A more shallow sample was taken on Dec. 3 in a public space and methane was discovered about 20 feet down. Methane gas develops naturally as a result of decomposition of landfill waste.

In the coming weeks, contractors hired by BFI under the oversight of EPA will conduct more sampling in the soil along the rights-of-way and in public spaces and on residential properties west and south of the landfill. They will be testing for the presence of methane gas and for volatile organic compounds. VOCs are a group of chemicals used in common solvents and industrial material and can be found in landfills.

In addition to testing for gases, EPA has asked BFI to sample ground water near the landfill. On Nov. 13 and 15, DuPage County sampled 11 private wells along County Farm Road west of the landfill. No VOCs were detected in any of the water samples from these wells.

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In-home testing

The investigative team is also testing homes near the landfill for the potential presence of methane gas and VOCs. More than 60 homes have been tested so far with more to be sampled soon. No explosive vapors have been found in any of the homes sampled to date. Homes are being tested in basements, along foundation slabs and in crawl spaces. In the area currently being investigated, residents may be asked for permission to install gas collection canisters (which are sent to the lab for testing); a combustible gas indicator (installed in basements to alert residents if methane vapors rise above a certain level); or sub-slab testing ports (to allow for the testing of gases beneath foundations). There is no cost to residents for this installation and monitoring. If you live in the current area of investigation described below and are interested in in-home testing, see contact information in the grey box at left. (For general site information, see contacts on back.)

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Area of investigation

The current area of investigation is a small section of Hanover Park near the Mallard Lake Landfill. The area is bordered by Morton Road on the west; Lawrence Avenue and Whitney Drive to the north; Whitney and Bell Drives to the east; and DeForest Lane on the south. The investigative team will also be screening homes south of DeForest Lane on Whitney and Bell Drives as well as about 14 homes along County Farm Road north of Lawrence Avenue. The area of investigation will also include Schick Road south of the landfill.

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