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Tremont City Barrel Fill Site

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Community Involvement Coordinator
Virginia Narsete (narsete.virginia@epa.gov)
312-886-4359 or 800-621-8431, ext. 64359

Remedial Project Manager

Jena Sleboda Braun


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Clark County Public Library
Reference Services
201 S. Fountain Ave.
Springfield, OH 45506


The Tremont City Barrel Fill site is an 8.5-acre section at the north end of the Tremont City Landfill. From 1976 to 1979 about 51,500 drums and 300,000 gallons of industrial waste were disposed of in waste cells or trenches that were dug 15- to 25-feet deep and covered with soil. A ground-water sampling program began with six monitoring wells, and over time more monitoring wells were added resulting in additional ground-water sampling.

EPA has negotiated with potentially responsible parties (PRPs) that the Agency believes are responsible for the barrel contamination. The PRPs agreed to perform in-depth studies to determine the nature and extent of the contamination and recommend cleanup alternatives. These studies were released in a large document called a "remedial investigation/feasibility study” under the Superfund Alternative Approach or SAA.  Superfund Alternative Approach is one of the options for Superfund sites that need long-term cleanup.  Read more about SAA in the Site Information box on the right.

The Tremont City Barrel Fill was part of the former Tremont City Landfill site, an 80-acre area located 3.5 miles northwest of Springfield, Ohio, and 1.5 miles west of Tremont City. In order to better manage cleanup projects, EPA divided the former Tremont City Landfill site into three smaller sections: the Tremont City Barrel Fill, the Tremont City Landfill, and the Tremont City Waste Transfer Facility.

Fact Sheet: Understanding the Superfund Alternative Approach

Technical Assistance Services for Communities (TASC) and Community Advisory Group (CAG) are two ways the community can get involved. Learn more about CAGs and TASC.

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Site Updates

June 2015

A workgroup was convened that was mediated by a contractor to EPA's Conflict Prevention and Resolution Center, to discuss the issues where the various parties did not have the same understanding of the site facts.  The workgroup had participants from USEPA and its USGS expert, Ohio EPA, Clark County Health Department, People for Safe Water, and the PRP group.  The main issues discussed where the hydrogeology at the site and the cost estimates for the Feasibility Studies and Proposed Plans. 

A community involvement plan (CIP)  was completed June 2015. The detailed plan emphasized the comments from business, residents, environmental groups, public officials on their concerns about the cleanup.   It also explained the remedy, Superfund process and other options to assist public in understanding  the Superfund process and how U.S. EPA can best serve the residents I in the Clark County community.   The CIP is available on the Tremont website for public review.  

The USEPA, in cooperation with the Ohio EPA and  Clark County Health Department and residents, will hold a meeting summer of 2015 update the community on the progress of the site. 

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