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EPA's environmental education grants program supports projects that enhance the public's awareness, children examine a crayfishknowledge, and skills to help people make informed decisions that affect environmental quality. EPA awards grants to state agencies, nonprofit organizations, school districts, universities and tribal organizations each year based on funding appropriated by Congress. Annual funding for the program ranges between $2 and $3 million.

The Recipient of the 2011 Sub Grant Program from Region 5 is:

The Recipient of the 2012 model Grant Program from Region 5 Marian University, Indianapolis, IN received $216,000 to support the Institute for Green and Sustainable Science seven week summer program. Participants develop scientific skills to understand diverse environmental sustainability issues, and utilize critical thinking and problem solving skills to make smarter and more informed decisions in their personal, professional, and civic lives. This unique program contains a curricular component a research or project component, and a community outreach symposium. The program targets a socioeconomically diverse group of both undergraduate students and high school teachers. For more information, contact Kristie Johnson (317) 955-6512

The application process is highly competitive and funds are limited. However, these Region 5 states have similar grant programs:

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Previous Year Awards

Summaries and statistics for previous EE grant projects awarded in Region 5

All EE grants that have been awarded nationwide since 1992

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Grants.gov allows organizations to electronically find and apply for competitive grant opportunities from all Federal grant-making agencies. Grants.gov is THE single access point for over 900 grant programs offered by the 26 Federal grant-making agencies.

US EPA's Office of Grants and Debarment offers information on current funding opportunities.

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