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Order Publications from Region 5

We provide these curriculum materials to educators and students free of charge. Note: You can download nearly all these documents and print them yourself. You can also order them from EPA's National Service Center for Environmental Publications (NSCEP). You'll find links to those sources in the order form below. You can find more downloadable publications on the EPA Teacher site.

You can order materials from us 3 ways:

  1. Online - Fill out the form below
  2. By mail - Mail your request to:
    U.S. EPA Region 5
    Air and Radiation Division (AT-18J)
    Chicago, IL 60604
  3. By phone - Call 312-886-0274 or 800-621-8431 extension 60274 in IL, IN, MI, MN, OH, and WI.

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

We can only fill orders from Region 5 states: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin.

Due to high demand and budget constraints we have limited copies of each publication. In the comment box please specify the number of copies of each item.

Publication Order Form

What do the symbols C, E, S mean?
C = Curriculum materials
E = Elementary Level
S = Secondary Level

Why is Coco Orange? E Why is Coco Orange? (E) (EPA 456/K-10-001) 2012
Colorful book on how Coco and his friends solve this mystery as they learn about air quality and how to protect themselves when the air is unhealthy. This book is for children, especially those with asthma, and their caretakers. Ages 4-8.
Also available for download (PDF) (19pp, 1.35MB About PDF)
25 Ways Poster C

25 Ways that YOU can help to Make Your World a Better Place (C) December 2007
mini poster outlining steps you can take to become more environmentally friendly.

gremlinimage E

Adventures of the Garbage Gremlin (E) (EPA 530SW90024) 1990
comic book emphasizing importance of recycling
Also available for download (PDF) (19pp, 4.3MB About PDF )

Childen Climate Change Poster C

Climate Change Art Challenge Poster: A Resource for Educators 2010
The poster, geared towards 6-8 grade teachers, includes information on the effects of climate change, climate change vocabulary, actions you can take against climate change, and activities. Please indicate number of posters (up to 25) in the comment section of the order form.

climate change and school C

Climate Change & You: What You Can Do at School (EPA 430-F-07-007) June 2007
A single sheet of 5 points you can apply to make schools more energy efficient.
Also available for download (PDF) (1pg, 230K About PDF )

Environmental Protection Begins with You C

Environmental Protection Begins with You (C) (EPA -530-K-06-001) July 2006
A Guide to Environmental Community Service
Also available for download (PDF) (24pp, 517K About PDF )

happyearthdayimage E

Happy Earth Day Coloring and Activities Book (E) (EPA 905M90002) 1990
emphasizes things kids can do every day to help the earth
Available for download

Learning about acid rain C Learning About Acid Rain: A teachers Guide for Grades 6-8 (EPA 60099007a) 2008
download it
Introduction, experiments and activities about acid rain. NOTE: EPA has now combined the Student Sourcebook with other materials, updated and expanded the information, and reformatted it to cover a broader range of topics; see Learning About Acid Rain (PDF) (56pp, 4.8MB) EPA's Acid Rain site
cddvdlifecycleimage E S The Life Cycle of a CD or DVD (E, S) ( EPA530H03002) 2003
Large, informative and colorful two-sided poster on the product life cycle of CDs & DVDs; with student activities and related websites. Also available for download:
The Life Cycle of a CD or DVD (PDF) (2 pp, 400K) | en Español (PDF) (2 pp, 1.1MB)
cellphonelifecycleimage E  S

The Life Cycle of a Cell Phone (EPA530H04002) 2004
Large, informative and colorful two-sided poster on the product life cycle of cell phones; with student activities and related websites. Also available for download:
The Life Cycle of a Cell Phone (PDF) (2 pp, 648K) | en Español (PDF) (2 pp, 540K)

The Life Cycle of a Soccer Ball E  S

The Life Cycle of a Soccer Ball (EPA 530H05001) 2005
Large, informative and colorful two-sided poster on the life cycle of a soccer ball. Also available for download:
The Life Cycle of a Soccer Ball (PDF) (2 pp, 4.3MB)

Make a Difference in Your School E  S Make a Difference in Your School (EPA 530K06003) 2006
A 31-page booklet which is a "How-to Guide for Engaging Students in Resource Conservation and Waste Reduction"
Also available for download (PDF) (34 pp., 1.6MB About PDF ) or order from NSCEP
Managing Asthma in the School Environment C Managing Asthma in the School Environment (EPA 402-K-10-004) August 2010
This guide offers valuable information for all school staff, especially school nurses, teachers, and maintenance staff, on how to identify and control common environmental factors in schools that trigger asthma attacks.
Also available for download: "Managing Asthma in the School Environment" (PDF) (16pp, 977K) or order from NSCEP
Pack a Waste Free lunch E  S

Pack A Waste -Free Lunch (EPA 530H05002) 2005
A poster on how to pack an environmentally friendly lunch. Also available for download or order from EPA Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery.

sciencefairimage E   S

Science Fair Fun: Designing Environmental Science Projects for Students Grades 6-8 (EPA A530-K-10-002) September 2010
overview of the scientific method, sample project ideas for students and teachers
Also available for download (PDF) (24pp, 947K)

beyondclassroomimage C

Service Learning Education Beyond the Classroom (C) (EPA 530K02001) 2002
booklet of projects that focus on waste reduction, recycling and composting
Also available for download (PDF) (32pp, 929K)

wetlandsimage E

Welcome to the Wetlands (E) (EPA 843H97001) 1997
2-sided coloring book poster on wetlands wildlife and habitat, wetlands definitions, functions and values, and threats to wetlands.

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