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Clean Diesel


Funds are available to support clean diesel activities through the Recovery Act

Grants for a variety of diesel emission reduction solutions such as:

Engines and equipment may include:


Midwest Clean Diesel Initiative (MCDI) is a collaboration of federal, state and local agencies, along with communities, non-profit organizations and private companies working together to reduce emissions from diesel engines in the Midwest.


Illinois Green Fleets Exit EPA Disclaimer
Darwin Burkhart (darwin.burkhart@illinois.gov) 217-557-1441 Illinois EPA


IDEM Diesel Wise Exit EPA Disclaimer
Shawn Seals (sseals@idem.in.gov) 317-233-0425 Indiana Department of Environmental Management


Michigan Clean Diesel Initiative (MiCDI) Exit EPA Disclaimer
MDEQ 2009 Request for Projects: The Michigan Clean Diesel Recovery and Reinvestment Project (PDF) (34pp, 174K, About PDF) Exit EPA Disclaimer
Donna Davis (davisd8@michigan.gov) 517-335-2784, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality


Grants/Financial Assistance for Clean Diesel Projects Exit EPA Disclaimer
Sally Peterson (cleandiesel@pca.state.mn.us) Fax: 651-215-0246, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

U.S. EPA's Region 5 awards $3 million in Recovery Act Funding to Minnesota Environmental Initiative to Reduce Diesel Emissions and Create Jobs (MN) 8/4/2009


Ohio EPA Clean Diesel School Bus Fund Retrofit Grants Program Exit EPA Disclaimer
Carolyn Watkins (carolyn.watkins@epa.state.oh.us) 614-644-2873, Ohio EPA

U.S. EPA Awards More Than $6 million in Recovery Act Funding to Ohio Communities to Reduce Diesel Emissions and Create Jobs (PDF) (2pp, 23K About PDF)Exit EPA Disclaimer June 3, 2009 press release


ARRA Wisconsin Clean Diesel Grant Program Exit EPA Disclaimer
Jessica Lawent (jessica.lawent@wisconsin.gov) 414-263-8653, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

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Grants awarded

July 21 Clean Diesel Awards

Region 5 Awards $571,107 in Recovery Act Funding to Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to Reduce Diesel Emissions and Create Jobs (July 9, 2009)

Region 5 states receive recovery funding to reduce diesel emissions, create jobs - April 8, 2009

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